Descriptions and NPC hints

  • Tiger Hat

    Following this suggestion by @Affordable_Desk let’s brain dump our suggestions for messages to the player, through item and NPC interactions.
    For instance, for NPC’s in the Tavern:

    • “My cousin is the armour-smith in Amberfall, and she once told me that if you collect a full set of armour then some weapons will become moar powerful!”
    • “I bought a used horse in the Den of Thieves, but the hooves fell off the next day! I want a refund, but I seem to have lost the key somewhere.”

  • Tiger Hat

    Ah good I wanna do some now too.

    • Remember the haunted forest? It was closed off a year ago by the Wizard because of the dangers that lurked inside. But yesterday I was in the Cemetery and I saw one of the great White Owls! Perhaps the cemetery hides another way to the forest…

    • My Uncle Kenny damaged his elbow trying to use a Boom Spear, he was trying to kill a bat with it but it ducked down behind a gravestone, when it went off he was too close to the explosion it and damaged him severely. Then the bat bit his elbow. I never liked the guy, now he’s worse always going “my elbow, my precious elbow”

    • I saw the Horseblair in the Crypt! A terrifying beast that’s 5/8ths a horse and 3/8ths a Geoff Blair

  • Tiger Hat

    How about “Aaargh!! A freaking walking talking lizard!! AAaaaarRRrrGGgGhHhh!!!”

  • How about “Aaargh!! A freaking walking talking lizard!! AAaaaarRRrrGGgGhHhh!!!”

    Death should say that.

  • LDG

    Haha awesome! I will add some of these.

  • Tiger Hat

    • You should never indiscriminately smash barrels open, it’s dangerous, impolite and makes you look like an idiot. However in this incredibly rare instance, some nutcase risked their life running around the dungeon putting food inside of them so comparably… you’d come across as less stupid than them if you do smash the barrels, I call it the Zen of Tomfoolery.

    • Nobody likes novelty boxer shorts.

    • I put food in barrels!! My name is Ronald Cleethorpes! I put food in barrels!!!

    • There are less and less people here nowadays, I hear many of the townsfolk have been captured while rambling or seeking adventure in the dungeons, rescue them and you could see your coffers swell… But if you see Ronald Cleethorpes just ignore him, they never catch him for some reason.

    • The Wizard vowed to protect us from Death, but now that he is gone and Death’s curse stretches through the land, what will become of us?

    • Variety is the spice of life!! Many a talented engineer has made their way into the dungeons in times past to discover new and exciting ways to design weaponry, armour and other items. If you’re lucky enough to bump into one of them buy a blueprint off of them, then we can offer those items for sale in the Amberfall shop!

    • When your shoelace breaks, tie the ends together to make a new lace!! Oh and everything green in the sewer will poison you…

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