Help me make a Lostcast trailer!

  • LDG

    I want to make a Lostcast trailer for use on the website and YouTube, something that a person can watch/hear and feel like they understand what the show is. I’m thinking something very simple like the AWL trailer – just some text describing a feature of the show, followed by an example. Rinse/repeat that a few times and you’ve gotchurself a trailer, sir!

    Here’s where you can help. Following each of the below topics (subject to change), I want to use the best (short) clip possible for that topic:

    1. Game development discussions!
    2. Startup life!
    3. Ball-breaking!
    4. Interviews!
    5. Accents! (lulz)

    (If you have suggestions for different topics, I’m all eyes!) So for each of those, what would help me is a specific episode # (and time) that you think has a quality example of that topic. e.g. “Episode 24 has a great interview question/answer at 45:13” Ideally each of the clips would be under 10 seconds or so, as I want the trailer to be about 60 seconds total.

    Anyway I know some of you have way better knowledge of the show than I do so I thought I’d pick your brains :-)


  • Tiger Hat

    This post is deleted!

  • Tiger Hat

    Ooo! This sounds really interesting, I’ll see if I can find some cool clips.

  • Patron

    A audio trailer?

  • LDG

    Yeah an audio trailer basically. I’ll make a video to go along with it (for YouTube etc.), but i’ll just be text and some images, no actual video.

  • Tiger Hat

    Whops, I forgot about this. Anyway, here’s some suggestions:
    - #49, 1:00:14-1:01:10 Matt talking about being a “workaholic”, and why it’s important to make connections and reach out to people.
    - #49, 1:01:35-1:01:50 Geoff asks a diffcult question, awkward silence + funny moment.
    - #51, 36:00-36:10 Geoff mentions open source.
    - #7, 28:25-28:40 Not talking in a monotonic voice = great for a trailer. Matt talking here about some coding-stuff.
    - #47, 51:10-51:20 “If you’re running right now… I’m watching you” Creepy Matt, enough said.

    Alright, I’ll try to see if I can find more later. What does everyone else suggest?
    Oh, and by the way… When making the trailer, pleeeaaasee do not use those iMovie text-animations, they look so cheap, haha. Plain text with no animation or a photoshop’d picture works out perfectly fine! And if you have the time and effort for it, why not have a compilation collection of you guys saying something like “Spelunky”, “I’ll put a link on the show notes”, or some other typical lostcast moments.

  • LDG

    Cooooool thank you!! Criticism appreciated too, I’ll use something less amateurish for the text :D

  • LDG

    Note to self: Lostcast 84 has some entertaining behavior tree stuff in the beginning.

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