Ragatron v5.1 for Steam released.

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    Ragatron now targets Steam!

    Ragatron can be downloaded at Ragatron.com

    Ragatron v5.1 Changelog

    • Ragatron now targets Steam.
    • Ragatron supports latest AWL, Indie Game Sim, and Soul Thief.
    • Ragatron has a link to latest Lostcast and LDG Patreon.
    • Ragatron drops support for other games.

    Note that using this tool violates Steam’s ToS!


    Ragatron is an open source hacking tool for HTML5 games by Lost Decade Games. It targets A Wizard’s Lizard, Indie Game Sim, and Soul Thief developed by Lost Decade Games. It is available for Windows and (Intel-based) Mac.
    The only targeted versions are the currently shipping versions purchased from Steam.

    IGS hack screenshot
    Soul Thief hack screenshot
    AWL hack screenshot

    Built-in Hacks for Indie Game Sim

    • All the items in the store are cheaper
    • Publishing games is cheaper
    • Jump Higher

    Built-in Hacks for Soul Thief

    • Start with 15 hearts
    • Start with 1 million gold
    • Start 1000 small keys
    • Start with 1000 big keys
    • 10,000 bonus prize tickets
    • Super Strong Melee
    • Start with gear
    • Show Div Containers

    Built-in Hacks for A Wizard’s Lizard

    • Start with 1 million gold
    • Start with 5,000 health
    • Start with 5,000 soul orbs
    • Fast Soul Orb Cooldown
    • Fast Dash Cooldown
    • Fast Totem Cooldown
    • Various Item Tweaks
    • Raga start with various items


    Make your media edits in the generated work directory. DO NOT MOVE ANY FILES! Instead, directly edit the original files. All the super-critical files have been secured.

    If you would like to cheat in the game, those are available through the Ragatron interface. It will drop in your cheats at the last minute from its own secure copy of the game. If you mess something up, just click “Unpack” again to undo your changes. Ragatron does not modify any original files.

    Ragatron UI


    GPL v2 or later. Ragatron source is on GitHub!

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