Jamuary 2017!

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    Update #2:

    One of our community members Elite offered to throw in 15$ to each prize pool for the jam! So currently the winner of each jam would get 25$ worth of steam games of their choice! Thanks Elite!

    Update #1:
    Good morning friends! The lost decade games official Jamuary™ has begun! Unfortunately the ball in time square wasn’t the only ball that was dropped last night, as I haven’t updated this until right now 10 hours after the Jam has begun, and for that I am eternally sorry.

    The following are the poll results as of 1/1/2017 @10:45am CST:
    What should LDG’s month long jam Jamuary consist of?:

    A traditional Game Jam?:

    12 votes
    A creative jam where any creative entry is allowed including games?:

    11 votes
    What should the theme of LDG’s Jamuary jam be?:

    LDG in general: Anything related to LDGs games, podcasts, etc…

    12 votes
    The titles of LDG 1st party games: Lunch bug, Onslaught!, Crypt Run, AWL, etc.:

    4 votes

    4 votes
    A game about a Lost Decade:

    4 votes
    A traditional Game Jam, as well as a creative jam where any creative entry is allowed was neck and neck. I’m all for democracy but it seems like winning by one vote is kinda cheep, so I’m making a managerial decision that A creative jam where any creative entry a is allowed including games. Please submit any music, art, creative work of any kind except games please post here on the forums. For game submissions please post them here:

    The theme will be LDG in general, as it was the winner by 3 times it’s closest competitor. I’m all about mixing things up but 3 times the votes is tough to make exceptions for.

    Submission rules and prizes:

    Basically submit any games to the itch.io game jam page:

    And any other art works here on this forum page:

    You can vote on and participate in as many ways as you’d like as long as it’s before February 1st 2017 @ 12:00 am.

    Prizes have been generously offered by Matt and Geoff from LDG in the form of keys to their games, as well as a commissioned portrait or avatar artwork similar to last years. There will be one winner from the game jam and one winner from the art contest at this point. I’ll confirm more deets from the big guys regarding exactly how many winners they are willing to support. I will personally donate 10 bucks to the winner of each jam in the form of steam games. After you are declared victor amungst your peers we can work out how to get you the 10 bucks worth of steam games of your choice.

    Okay friends please let me know on here in the community section, or on the forums page, or in the discord if anyone has any comments, concerns or complaints.

    Best of luck to you, and have fun jamming!

    Happy Jamuary!!

    Friends, it is that time of year once again! Jamuary is upon us and this time we have more:
    Please vote here to help choose the kind of jam LDG will host this Jamuary! http://www.strawpoll.me/11928989
    Please vote here to help choose the theme for this Jamuary’s jam!:
    Sign up for the game jam below!: https://itch.io/jam/jamuary
    The Jam itself is meant for this community to be able to join together and make some cool stuff. I have high hopes that there will be arting, music, and most hopefully games!! You don’t have to participate to vote, and I eagerly await seeing what you incredible people come up with ☺

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    Are we trying to find sponsors or have prizes? Or trying to be lower key?

  • Jammer

    Well @richtaur has already stated that he would do a portrait of the winner like last year as well as give away game keys! Any sponsorship would be welcomed though! I’ll have to update the page as well as this post tonight so everyone knows how high the stakes are :)

  • Hi everyone, I decided to work on a 3D game character for the contest. I will post a WIP soon, I will keep posting updates as I get close to a final model. I look forward to seeing what other people are working on. Good luck!!!

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