Giant Beta Update

  • Tiger Hat

    This feels like it has far more potential that you can push out of it.

    It’s great that globes hurt you again.

    Mana is good, however, there are some quirks I’m not entirely comfortable with, only Raga uses mana, and whilst you can switch out bodies, those entities don’t regenerate mana when you’re not occupying them, I don’t know if enemies should burn through mana also (offering a strategy of draining a room of mana to make it easier to deal with) or if they should just regen their pool whilst non-possesed. The mana pickups are great and push towards a mana as resource feel, and mana regeneration feels about right whilst you’re in combat.

    I think there should be a way to put yourself prone and regenerate mana super fast so, stand still for 5 seconds, and regen in 5 seconds. I found myself clearing a room and wandering around aimlessly whilst I recharged.

    I’d prefer to see health as pickups like mana vials - or some way of harvesting health that put you at risk - certainly no regen however, that would break the roguish nature of the game.

    Finally, because mana resource is a thing, I took ages defeating the first boss, and the door opened and let me out :) This fight was unsatisfying, because of mana, once it’s run out, it became an effort of running around and taking the occasional shot.

  • Tiger Hat

    so, I waited out the painting again, but went back into the maze rather than the next level, did a bit more killing, and came back into the painting room, got the intro bit again, and the painting exploded.

    Toaster seems overpowered AF - lots of mana and double shot?

    The cauldron room (4 cauldrons spawning jellys) is more messy than hard.

  • LDG

    yayyy thanks for playing! This is useful info.

    Agreed on your design points, and haha yeah I should really get on those boss bugs …

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