Steam Greenlight campaign launching Oct. 4

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    Indie Game Sim

    Gonna go ahead and launch a Steam Greenlight campaign for Indie Game Sim on Tuesday, October 4th (I’ll talk about it more on the podcast). In the meantime, you can support the project via Thunderclap. Here’s the URL:

    The way it works is you connect with Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr. That’s it. Then on October 4, Thunderclap will automatically tweet, Facebooks, or tumblez a message about the Indie Game Sim Steam Greenlight campaign.

    I know, I don’t normally like connecting with services like this either. But a developer I respect and who’s better than me at this stuff (remember Lars from Lostcast 188: Level Up Lars?) used it, and I want to get better at this OMGMARKETING/PROMO thing. Anyway I’m trying to do it right and get at least 100 magnificent people to support the Thunderclap. Hope you can help!

    Also, just for you, here’s the launch trailer with new Joshua Morseness! (not yet public):

  • Tiger Hat

    Thunder, Thunder, Thunderclap HO!

    😎 Sorry just had to

  • LDG

    oooh, I like it!!
    they should partner writh Thundercats

  • LDG

    The Steam Greenlight campaign is live. Your votes are appreciated:

  • @richtaur I voted! Keep up the good work.

  • Voted for the game on Greenlight. After checking out the campaign page, though, there is one issue that could come up. People voting for it may be annoyed that a “game” that you make is only a single level in length. Some people may think you’re able to make more full-fledged (if short) games from the promotional video and text on the page. It’s not so much stated (nowhere are you saying “make an entire game!!!”), but I think people’s default assumption when you say “you can make a game” is that the game will have more than 1 level.

    Anyway, this may not be a problem for many people, but I could see some potential customers assuming there’s more to each game that you publish than a single level/room. With respect to features, that’s about the only one I would consider adding, i.e. enabling players to string multiple rooms together.

    I’d assume that with Djinn you have code for scene transitions, but I would imagine it would be a pain to enable players to create multi-level games since you’d need to allow players to link one level to the next somehow via the editor.

    Anyway, food for thought.

  • Tiger Hat

    It’s a fair point - one of the most common things I heard said against Mario-Maker is that you couldn’t create a pack of levels in a way native to the game. Sure there are solutions, but they’re the same sort of things as you’ll see in IGS, here’s a bunch of URLs, play them in this order.

    You could trivially link them together, or, if when the game takes off, make something a bit more meta around it - your collection of levels could modify the each other’s score somehow (overuse of item X starts making it less fun or something).

  • LDG

    question your life choices

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