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  • Tiger Hat

    Howdy folks!

    I’m in the process of trying to piece together a home office (I start working remotely in a couple of months) and was wondering if anyone has gone the 1 huge monitor (huge being 30+ inch) instead of multiple “smaller” monitors route? I’m quite tall (6’ 6") and so I have a preference for adjustable height monitors too because I need quite a few books to stack things on at my height!

    I’m trying to fight off the urge to use this as an excuse to get myself a new laptop too! :-P

  • LDG

    Since Geoff and I are some kind of mutant versions of each other we both have this monitor from Amazon. It’s fine BUT the headphone jack broke and it now permanently thinks there are headphones plugged in, causing the speakers to never output audio. I also have my small Wacom that serves as a second monitor. That 2nd desktop is lovely, esp when you want to record one of your desktops – the other one becomes your OBS (or whatever) hub, and it’s kind of indispensable in that context.

    Anyway computing preferences are HIGHLY subjective but I’ll just say that the longer I work on computers the simpler I want things to be. Used to piece together my own towers but these days I just want the easiest version of whatever.

    Can’t go wrong with a laptop :) Everything you need right there! And portable.

  • Tiger Hat

    I use dual monitors, a 22 inch secondary and a 40 inch tv primary. I actually want to get another 40 inch tv for my second one. LCD tv are pretty cheap anyway as long as you aren’t trying for 4K or anything.

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur @Warspawn Thanks for your replies :)

    @richtaur you’re right tech gear setups are heavily personal preference but it’s good to here other people’s opinions. Ideally I want to keep things as simple as possible. I was on a really tight budget before and used my iPad 2 as my second monitor - mostly for documentation reference - but I have a bit more cash this time. Now if I can find a 15" laptop that’s as light as a 13" (and costs around the same) I’d be laughing.

    Thanks again guys!

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