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  • Hi all. I’m slowly working on my game Golden Krone Hotel, an html5 game that I’ve mentioned a couple times here, and I’m hoping to release on Early Access next month if possible. Here’s the title screen in case you need a refresher:

    Golden Krone Hotel title

    I’ve used nw.js to deploy to Mac and Linux before, so I thought I could easily do this going forward. Two problems:

    • I don’t have access to a mac anymore, so testing is going to be a big pain
    • I’m using web2executable (which worked fine before) and it’s no longer creating working executables for Linux.

    I might be able to manually fix that second problem, but it’s super slow going trying to work on this. My Ubuntu vm is slow, Dropbox takes forever to sync files between host and guest, and using a shared folder prevents me from editing any of the files in it. I’m worried about what further issues I could face.

    All this hassle has made me consider: is it even worth it trying to support platforms other than windows? If I recall correctly, linux is a super small portion of buyers for LDG. Is that right? I’m thinking that if demand is larger than I expect, I can work on support while I’m in EA. I did say I’d try to target Mac and Linux while in greenlight. I don’t want to piss off anyone, but I’m more worried about permanent bad reviews because I don’t have the resources to support linux properly.

    Any thoughts? Have ya’ll had any issues with linux and what were they?

  • LDG

    First of all your title screen is gorgeous! Regarding what platforms to target, see Steam’s hardware survey. As of this writing, Windows makes up 95.71% of Steam players.

    IMO Mac is relatively easy to deploy to using NWJS. AWL, Soul Thief, and now Indie Game Sim have working Mac builds. It’s definitely trickier without a Mac handy. Only AWL supports Linux ATM.

    Honestly? Linux users … will yell at you a lot. Regardless of whether you support it or not. NOT TO GENERALIZE OR PUT MY FOOT IN MY MOU

    Seriously tho Linux users are small in number (less than a % on Steam) and very vocal. Someone wrote a negative AWL review because Soul Thief doesn’t support Linux … sigh … So IDK it’s up to you, but LDG hasn’t supported Linux in years.

  • Thanks for the response! That actually really helps me decide. I knew the numbers were low, but didn’t realize they were less than a single percent.

    On the one hand, I could say the audience for traditional roguelikes might skew a little bit more towards linux. On the other hand, these often seem to be the same people who think it is a crime against humanity to charge money for a roguelike because so many of them have been free historically.

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