Lostcast 190: Some Hand Bones

  • LDG

  • Tiger Hat

    As for having to upload your project to Defold’s servers, there is a way around that.

  • Tiger Hat

    Lua is a great language. It is so easy to learn. I coded the 1st iOS version of my game The Octagon Theory in Lua. That was after giving up on PyGame and Obj-C/Cocoa Touch. PyGame was like JavaScript/HTML5 where you needed a bunch of different technologies to create an app.

    As for Obj-C/Cocoa Touch, it took a whole page of code to put a simple sprite on the screen but with ANSCI Corona, it could be done with 1 line of Lua (But of course that was calling a Corona library. I guess the same could be done with Obj-C/Cocoa Touch when using Cocos2D but I never tried that).

    One reason I stopped using Corona was because your project had to be compiled on their servers and then you’d receive the executable. I don’t know if that has changed though: Corona (lua)

  • Just gave Defold a go, looks like it’s built on Eclipse, didn’t expect that.

    Looks good, though I prefer a more code-led environment.

  • LDG

    Someone reminded me that King is the company that was suing people for using the word “Candy” in their names, which is the kind of ridiculous that raises red flags for sure. But there are some core things I like about Defold:

    1. Free
    2. Cross-platform
    3. Robust (used by big commercial games)
    4. Lua (one of the few languages that to me feels worth learning)
    5. 2d first

    Add these to accomplish the dream:

    1. Open source
    2. Not owned wholly by … anyone? or at least not someone litigious??
    3. JavaScript ;) (I’d also accept C# or Lua)

    I find all this engine stuff fascinating. If you keep using it, be sure to report back :)

  • I’ll be honest I’ve already lost interest in it. I’m not a huge fan of point-click style game engines, which Defold feels like it has a little too much of, but I can see the power and potential that is has.

    I have a custom JS framework built on top of Pixi that I use for client work, along with a custom Unity IoC C# based framework and kind of pick between them depending on a given projects requirements.

    For funsies I’m also in the process of developing a Haxe OpenFL based framework at the moment, though I can’t see me getting much chance to use that for anything other than personal stuff.

  • Tiger Hat

    Almost forgot about Giderous. Looked like a real good alternative to Corona before I went with Unity. Like Corona and Defold it uses Lua, Unlike Corona and Defold, it runs completely locally. And it is not a point-click style game engine. It is more of a code-led environment.

    I also thought this was unsupported over the last few years because they had some problems keeping it going. I forget what those problems were though. But I see it seems to be heathy again and well supported again (They keep updating it), and a whole shitload of games have been developed with it.

    But I do remember that support was first rate and very personal.

    Also Gideros supports lots of platforms, is FREE and Open Sourced and there are no limitations to developing and publishing apps, and the devs are not litigious.

    Mabe Giderous will 'accomplish the dream".

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