Teaming Up an Older/Younger Dev -- Disasterish?

  • Listening to Lostcast somewhat bums me out because I’m a solo game developer and wish I had a partner like Geoff and Matt have.

    I’ve thought it might happen organically, but since I live in Alaska where game devs are few and far between, I think if it’s going to happen I need to be proactive and actually look for someone.

    But there is a quandary, and maybe you guys could chime in with some feedback…

    I’m in my mid-50s and don’t have a problem working with someone in their 20s, but I’m wondering if the road would be smoother with someone closer to my age. If I’m working with someone who’s young enough to be my kid, for example, will they be less inclined to push back against my ideas they don’t like? Or because we’re each at very different stages of life will that cause friction that might not be there otherwise?

    While I assume game dev teams split more often than stay together for the long hall, I’d like to give me/us the best possible shot, which is why I’m thinking about this.

    Any thoughts (from either older or younger game devs)? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill, or is it something to ponder?



  • Tiger Hat

    You know you don’t have to look in Alaska, it’s the 21st century, outside of timezones, realistically it will make little difference where your partner(s) live - it’s not like you’re going to drag your workstation to their house or anything.

  • @salmonmoose No, I just meant that “organically” finding someone won’t happen because I’m up here. I’m not going to bump into someone and “hit it off” at the local game jam or something. (Because there are none.)

    So yeah, whoever O work with will be remote – I’m just not sure whether it’s a good idea to look for someone older or not.


  • LDG

    To me the age difference shouldn’t matter. If it doesn’t matter to you, I’d just make sure it doesn’t matter to them, and in that case push forward. Good luck!

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