Lostcast 177: One McFunk a Month

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  • Jammer

    LOL GEOFF LOL. I’m at work, and I cannot handle robot Geoff:
    Sometimes Raga something something
    Must improve raga rendering time
    Id like to buy one of you… seriously sell me one… oh my


    Also, just for the recs I believe I was the first to bring up the Raga Plushies:

    I’m relevent.

    Loving the cast, great interview!!

  • Tiger Hat

    Christer sounds like a super chill guy - it makes me sad that I live on the other side of the planet where barely anything happens in the Game-Dev scene.

  • LDG

    Why can’t we all live nearby IT’S 2016 WHERE IS TELEPORTATION

  • Patron

    Seconding @Vox, this interview was a really good listen!

  • My favorite part was when Geoff finally morphed into a human. A.I. Geoff definitely caught me off guard. Especially considering you guys were so nonchalant about it. Ha ha. Great interview. I’m wondering if any of you have tried Habitica (formerly Habit RPG)? It is pretty cool, allowing you to gamify your day-to-day goals, tasks, habits, etc. I’ve been having fun with it lately and seem to be getting more done as a result. I also recommend the book “Mini Habits” by Stephen Guise. Most people think motivation is what is required to complete tasks and form good habits, etc. but Stephen has done quite a bit of research and come to the conclusion that will power is much more important and reliable (but there is a catch as we have a limited supply). Definitely check out his book if you are interested in this topic. It is a real eye opener.

  • @Akirikku I’ve been noticing that recently. Depending on motivation for both inspiration and follow-through has been (was?) a pitfall of mine for far too long. Follow-through is best crushed with raw determination. And maybe ice cream.

  • Yes. I was rolling at the robot Geoff. And also hilariously jarred at the seamless transition back to meatbag human Geoff. The mystery of it all made it all the sweeter.

  • @jiiimbot Yeah, Stephen points out that motivation is dependent on how you are feeling at the time and is highly unreliable. In and of itself it is not a bad thing but it should not be depended upon solely for getting things done. Will power, on the other hand, is highly reliable but limited in supply. This is part of the reasoning behind mini habits. It requires less will power to write 10 lines of code per day (example mini habit), for example, than to write 1000. But the cool part is that often when you finish that 10th line, you will keep going. So basically you are tricking your brain into thinking it is something you can easily do and hoping your brain will say, “This isn’t so bad, let’s keep going…” Here is an interview with the author if you are interested. :-)

  • @Akirikku I love the idea of mini-habits. Your 10 lines to 1000 comparison reminded me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSX3KG1hisk

    Also, yeah. These days I’ve been trying to keep motivation as a “bonus boost” to layer on top of the discipline. We’ll see where that gets us :D

    Oh. The interview you linked interview is a podcast, that is perfect. Thanks!!

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