Defeated DEATH!

  • Tiger Hat

    Recently bought Soul Thief, but decided to finally get around to beating AWL1 before jumping into its sequel.

    I had reached Death a few times before, but I find that dude tough as nails so I had never actually beaten him. This time, though, I had a plan…

    Character: Luna - Chosen for her high starting HP and her soul power (can’t remember what he’s called in-game, but I call him Dragonite because he sorta looks like one).

    Starting items: I stuck with Luna’s spear because it’s not bad but bought 2 speed items (feet and head I think), an attack up ring, and an explosive totem (I like using these on the owls early on).

    My starting plan was basically to get to Death with reasonably good HP and tons of soul orbs and then proceed to run around and hide while my Dragonites fireball him to death (…beyond death?).

    Everything seemed to go right with this run from the onset.

    Key items picked up on the run:

    • Golden Axe - This allowed me to buy basically anything I wanted from the shops. Useful for keeping my health up and also purchasing whatever upgrades I needed.
    • Book of Totemic Power - I got this one pretty early and was actually pretty meh about it for most of the run. This changed when I picked up a new totem halfway through the sewers…
    • Beehive Totem - Holy crap, this with the Book of Totemic Power cleared like 80% of every room for me in the Crypt.
    • Feather - Flying is unbelievably useful; being able to ignore those moving spike traps is a huge boon.
    • Mithril Armor - Always good to come across the best armor in the game (that I’ve come across at least).

    So yeah, I reached Death, threw down beehives and Dragonites as fast as I could, and boom - Wizard unlocked! Woohoo!

  • LDG

    That’s awesome! I was picturing the game playing out while reading your post. Sounds fun! Hopefully it was extra rewarding since Death had proved difficult before. Grats!

  • Tiger Hat

    It definitely felt extremely good. Thanks for the great game, and looking forward to finding out how Soul Thief turned out (is turning out)!

  • Patron

    This post is deleted!

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