Hack weekend ideas needed

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    In a few weeks it is time for the annual weekend when me & my webdev brothers get to ditch our girls and other responsibilities to hack away at something for no reason other than pure fun. Only, we’re not really sure what to do!

    I’m thinking making a super-simple game using the ridiculously small Isomer lib. Show a slice of hallway, fire straight ahead, grid based movement, duck behind boxes. Should be easy enough and hopefully doable in a weekend. But, I don’t really know. :)

    Any thoughts?

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    Since GF left the house for a meeting and I was just supposed to do boring stuff, I opted to make a quick Isomer hack instead. And voilà, you can now be a green cylinder walking around on a battlement!


    Try here, code here.

    I’m really enjoying the simplicity of Isomer. Super limited 3D, no shaders or meshes or textures or cameras or anything at all, really. :)

    I did have to hack the API for a bit to make it more gamey. But I’m still thinking this could be a good base for a weekend of fun. Now I just need to convince my brothers!

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    Now we have collision detection for moving, ability to combine shapes, and depth sorting for drawing!



  • LDG

    Very cool! Looks like you found your something!

    I don’t know your brothers, but I’d expect your progress so far to be very convincing to them. Whatcha gonna make with it? Keep us posted :)

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    1.Make a Brainfuck interpreter for the 6502.

    1. Make NES games with it.

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