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    I’m in total agreement with @Vox; the lab really has that last-level feel of excitement, weirdness and imminent danger. But, there is one beef I have with it, which has been brought up before but I’d like to try to make the case again!

    What I’m alluding to is stepmotherly handling of the Having-Possessed-Regular-Household-Items-As-Enemies hook. You guys have mostly been tooting the possession mechanic as a strange attractor, but I think you underestimate the PR value of HPRHIAE! HPRHIAE is different, unique, and limiting in that very special creative and enticive way that has been discussed many times before on these boards.

    While I definitely enjoyed possession as a gameplay element, HPRHIAE was one of the things that really made the Soul Thief experience stand out. The gallery of enemies you’ve created within this seemingly very limiting setup is really really neat. I mean, a goldfish bowl, come on! That’s just brilliant!!

    Now for the but - throughout the library, kitchen and garden, you stick diligently to the HPRHIAE scheme, keeping us the players giggling every time a new enemy appears. But in the wizard’s lab, this contract is suddenly broken! Now we meet random otherwordly enemies such as the eyeball, beholder and shielding fairy which have no counterpart in the real world. Enemies that could be in any fantasy game.

    Although you could argue that the lab gets some special permissions through being the last level, it still feels kind of cheap! Especially as there are also HPRHIAE-heeding enemies in there such as the bunsen burners, tesla coils and clockwork gnomes (arguably).

    I realise it is probably way too late to have this discussion, but in a perfect world I would prefer to have the violating enemies remade to possessed items. The eyeball could be just the hat, and the beholder and fairy… I have no idea. Something! :P

    Oh, forgot - I guess the ghost in the garden is the first violation of the HPRHIAE contract. Made all the more jarring since it is the only (?) cheating done prior to the lab. Boo!

    Anyhow, my 2 cents, with giant parenthesises around them. Because as @Vox said, gameplaywise it works really well!

    In closing: HPRHIAE <3 <3 <3

  • LDG

    Good call, yeah I think we lost track of that direction at some point.

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur said in Feedback:

    That’s surprising! All the feedback we got recently was that they were a pain to deal with: odd hitboxes, unexpected damage. Neither fun to fight against or to play as. Sounds like you feel differently about them?

    Honestly, I’m shocked they went - I’ve found other enemies harder to deal with - I didn’t think they were even remotely broken. Then again, I’m still upset that the globes got nerfed, and changed from an early game ranged attack to something that randomly bounces you half way across the screen.

  • Jammer

    I dont know if this is worth saying, but i liked the iteration of the knives that flew accross the screen. It was exciting and a great way to move around. That is all.

  • Jammer

    Loaded up first time since patch. Was noticing some performance issues when moving around/fighting a bit in the first dungeon. I didn’t last very long in the kitchen to see if it was there too. Had no issues before. Running a pretty beefy PC, so something weird must be going on. Sorry for bearer of bad news :(

    Also im still not getting into the camera. How it shifts its offset based on direction.

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