Thoughts after playing about an hour

  • Jammer

    Things that I love

    The UI is such a step up from AWL 1. It feels less crowded, much more simplistic and easy to understand. I love the changes you guys have made here. Well done.

    The damage & health numbers are so easy to keep track of. You have the zelda hearts, and the damage numbers are related to heart numbers. Easy peasy!

    The overall mechanics feel like a solid step up. Even just fighting as raga vs a few enemies feels more interesting to me than throwing sword projectiles. I did a run more recently where I did almost no soul swapping, so I could learn Raga’s melee a bit better. Was fun to kite back and forth, space against the enemies.

    The map is easier to understand. In AWL 1 for example, the lobby where you go into the dungeon, it doesnt really show where that is on the map as an exit. Where as you can see the exits in the map on AWLST.


    Pushable obstacles

    Where everything is pushable, I think it’s neat but it doesn’t always make sense. Certain rooms that have a bit of a layout or maze with them feel less special when you can just push the objects out of the way. Obviously if they were to be static in this case, youd have to make sure you dont create impassible rooms. But just a thought.


    While I love the simple numbers, 1 hp damage, hearts, 1 gold, low gold cost. Having a variety of loot value adds a nice feeling in AWL 1. I break a barrel, and I see a 750 gold drop, that’s a good feeling more so than a 200 gold drop. Even if you want to keep the gold numbers low, maybe consider adding some variety. After playing soul thief a bit, I went back to play AWL 1 and I realized I missed this a fair bit.


    I think you guys have talked about this already, but I would love some alternatives to Raga’s tail swipe. Not to make him too strong or anything, but just to have a bit more variety in strategy. I get it if this isn’t your focus for the game though :).

  • LDG

    Good stuff! I think for the pushable stuff we can change the “mass” properties and make some things harder to push than others, and some that you can’t even move (much or at all). Also good points about the gold and the tail whip, we’ll think on it.

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