Listening in the car (volume)

  • Do you guys ever listen back to your podcast in your car, playing through your car stereo?

    That’s how/when I normally listen to Lostcast and the volume is SO LOW I have to crank the radio almost all the way (radio goes to 50, Lostcast needs 48 at highway speeds). That means when I yank the cord (without turning it down first) my radio is so loud it about breaks the speakers (and my head).

    Is it just me? Should I get my hearing checked? Or is your podcast actually created with a lower than normal volume?


  • LDG

    Hmmm, I haven’t listened in the car so I can’t verify. @richtaur can speak to the recording volume more than I, but it does seem OK via my podcast app and earbuds.

    Is it just Lostcast that’s an issue for you? Other podcasts played via the same setup sound fine?

  • Jammer

    Hmmm- I listen to every podcast in my car and I have not had this issue. Could the media volume on whatever device you connect with your car have a lower volume setting?

  • It’s completely possible it’s just me – I only listen to 1 other podcast and that one, while needing to be punched a little, isn’t nearly in the same league as LC. I’ll try some others and see.

    I’m using a Belkin thing that sends my iPhone audio to the radio via FM. But I’ve also tried a cable straight from my iPhone to the Aux In on my radio and while it is a little louder that way, I’m still up into the low-40s for LC.

    I need to run to the store tonight anyway, so I’ll load up some other “professional” podcast and see what that sounds like.


  • Patron

    Yeah, I’ve noticed Lostcasts are mastered a little softer than other podcasts, but I’ve never had many problems with that as I use VLC on Android, which has an equalizer.
    For comparison, Boyflop is mastered loudly as fuck!

  • Okay, I took a ride last night and at first it looked like every podcast was about the same, including yours!

    But then I noticed the volume was only in the low 30s – and then noticed I was listening to an old episode of Lostcast, #147. I switched to #167 and it was back to “crank it up” time.

    So did something change between episode 147 and episode 167? New mics? Some kind of new audio workflow? Switch back and forth between those two episodes and see what I mean.

    It kind of sounds like maybe Geoff has pushed his microphone farther away – to make room for the saki bottle, maybe?


  • LDG

    We have been changing some stuff, and sometimes the settings will be different for YouTube VS Lostcast. We’ll do an audit tomorrow and make sure we’re sounding good. I’ll also bump up the overall gain :)

  • Tiger Hat

    It has been quieter since you switched computers and had mic issues. I also have to crank it up in the car, but I didn’t used to.

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