Okay Josue you win...

  • Jammer

    So, I made a game…
    I wasn’t sure about posting it. I showed @Josue and he has been telling me to post it for the past few days, so here we go:

    I feel equally proud and ashamed of it at the same time. It is the largest project I’ve completed thus far, as I made everything myself.
    The music with audiosauna, which took about 6 hours to come up with something I feel like is barely passable, sound effects with bfxr, which took probably about an hour of figuring out what the hell all those little sliders did ( still not 100% sure on most of them ). All in all the entire thing took about 4 weeks of working on it about 5 - 15 hours a week. The commenting is messy and has no real order or consistency to it, and it’s written conversationally because I do not possess the skills to write any other way.

    So if you are kind enough to play my game, and if you open up the code, I would love to hear what you think, bad or good. And after that you can treat yourself to playing other community members games that are infinitely better crafted and more fun than my own:
    @islipaway: poly-poly-putt-putt (Just posted, looks really impressive )
    @salmonmoose: Poker Kingdoms
    @anthony: untitled
    @jamessimo: Reach for the star!

    I remember seeing more, but had trouble finding them. @agmcleod had a snowball game, and a space game he made and even a stealth prototype. I think there have been others too, but I just thought I’d re-shine some light on their awesome achievements, as achieving this small thing really helped me appreciate their much larger efforts.

    All in all thanks for reading and or playing :D

  • Patron

    Hey dude that’s really cool! At first I thought it was a pong clone but when the breakout thing started happening it got really interesting!

    I recently watched a video about making a ‘juicy’ pong which you can see here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AO36IvzCOk
    The video is kinda obnoxious but the results are interesting.

    I think some of that feel added to your game it could be even more exciting, like geometry wars chaotic. Having to keep track of the two paddles and multiple balls if quite a challenge, best I managed so far is 41/3.

    Making music and programming seems to be a rare alignment of skills!

  • Jammer

    Man that is so encouraging that you actually played this!! Okay very cool! Yeah I skipped through the vid a little and I can definitely see some value there! I’d love to ‘juicify’ this, but at this point I feel like there are just so many things I still don’t understand about the fundamental development of the game at its core, let alone juicy polish elements.

    A part of me would love to build this whole thing again with all the stuff I’ve learned along the way, but what it comes down to is, pong isn’t what get’s me out of bed in the morning. But maybe someday when I’m a better developer, I’ll give it another shot!

    Really thank you deeply for your feedback, it is a really nice feeling that someone played this and even quasi-enjoyed it!

  • Patron

    No worries man I can’t offer much more than my perspective I’m definitely not at a point where my opinion can be backed up by much but I genuinely think you’ve got a fun concept! I feel you about working on something that doesn’t motivate you that much, I think finding the will to solider on an see something to a conclusion is really important. From here on it can be a stepping stone to another project or the first brick in a wall, if you want to take it further!

    And I definitely did enjoy it, I tried again and got a bit further, up to the third variation on the breakout walls and the tiny balls - really keeps throwing new challenges and ramping up the skill requirement. Reminds me of games like super hexagon in that way. The SFX are really well aligned with the music too so it feels like you’re adding beats to the track not just random SFX, I really think that’s smart and that’s a sort of jucy thing as I understand it.

  • Jammer

    @islipaway said:

    A bunch of really nice stuff.

    Dude, thanks so much. Like this is huge. I think I got lucky with the sound effects, but I was hoping to make things sound similar.

    This is very encouraging, and I look forward to sharing more things on here. My intent is to go home and download your game, so hopefully soon I’ll be able to give you some feedback on your recent poject!!

  • Tiger Hat

    You should never be ashamed of producing something new :)

    It’s an interesting concept - and I’m going to try and convince you to stick with it rather than putting it on the back burner.

    It’s ok to have a bunch of projects on the run at once, and what you have here is a concept that is fully realized - you’ve finished a game, that’s more than most people.

    Because it’s such a tight concept, you’re gifted with something that won’t suffer from feature creep - you can turn back on the game and add polish.

    • add an AI player
    • add network support (websockets?)
    • port to another engine
    • add juice
    • add some powerups
    • attach a licence and put it on github
    • get people to fork and pull request
    • rewrite the entire project as a tutorial
    • etc.

    Because you understand the system so well, anything new you want to learn can be applied against it, rather than having to design a game AND learn a new thing.

    Also, don’t think that doing it all yourself is heroic, even LDG kind of outsource their music - fmod just turned on fmod.io which is selling sound effects at a dollar each, and there are some really decent free music sites out there - I’ve just pulled some off http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/faq.html

  • Patron


    Oh man I wish I knew about fmod.io a few weeks ago, I saw some videos about it pop up on youtube but it never gave it much attention as SFX isn’t an area I’ve dived into deeply. I’ve mostly been using soundsnap but the quality if very variable.

  • Jammer

    Thanks for playing! And thanks for commenting!

    I have to say I agree. But regardless, it’s tough to think about this project more. Is it ridiculous to take a break from it? I guess so. I’d likely not return.

    Oh well, much like my art, I must iterate!

    I do intend to do it all myself. More so for creative control rather than heroism. I know my stuff isn’t the best, but at this early stage in my development as a developer I feel I can submerse myself in other disciplines when I get burnt out by one. Most importantly I feel for any sort of passion project, I really enjoy game dev, art, and music respectively. I will try and keep an eye out for if I need to leave one behind to one day achieve any real success, but at this moment I intend to pursue them all.

    Thanks again for the well thought out response!

  • @Vox Nice little game you got there! I see you had issues with the collisions, have you considered using box2Dweb? I also hate doing my own collision predictions so I normally opt to use a pre-built physics engine, box2D maybe over kill for pong but I think it could be a cool learning experience!

    also can I ask why would you load your audio as a base64?!

  • Jammer

    Thanks @jamessimo!

    For me a big part of the fun/interest is building these systems myself- so at this point using someone else’s engine is not of my interests.

    Game dev being as large as it is, I do believe that learning and doing all of these things myself slows the process of making games immensely, but I see growth in each respective area so it excites me to continue perusing each one individually as the collective will only be that much better.

    Thanks for everyone’s feedback, I look forward to posting more!

  • Tiger Hat

    Congrats on finishing! I think you did a great job!

  • Patron

    @jamessimo said:

    have you considered using box2Dweb?

    Hmmm… I don’t know about that.
    For starters, the API is kind of messy.
    Also, the Box2D version it’s based on is outdated.

    also can I ask why would you load your audio as a base64?!

    I believe so the entire game can be contained within one html file.

  • Jammer

    @Josue said:

    I believe so the entire game can be contained within one html file.

    Yes! Sorry @jamessimo , that was the intent, I did not mean to not address that question :)

  • Tiger Hat

    @Vox said:

    but what it comes down to is, pong isn’t what get’s me out of bed in the morning

    I can’t stand puzzle games, in fact, I have 3 titles in some form of “real” progress, a puzzle game, a platform game, and a weird casual explorey game. None of these are games I really give time to as a player.

    If asked, I’d say God games are my favourite genre, followed by western RPGs, and I actually don’t even have sparks of ideas of either. It’s really weird, I think I’d be able to do some great stuff in a god game, but the base concept escapes me.

  • Jammer

    @salmonmoose said:

    I’d say God games are my favourite genre… I think I’d be able to do some great stuff in a god game, but the base concept escapes me.

    My issue is I’m chock-full of ideas that I really feel would make really fun games, that excite me both as player and developer, but actually executing on those ideas are beyond my current skill set- or at least to do it correctly.

    I have a project I’m working on that I created as a paper prototype, I play it with my friends, and everyone has given feedback along the lines of “I want this to be a real game”. I want to really dive in head first and make it, but I lack the fundamentals of creating scalable software.

    But all in all, that is what gets me out of bed in the morning. The theme is the theme I like, the gameplay is attractive to me, and all in all a part of me wants to make the game solely because I want to play it.

    Have you prototyped god-games thus far? Maybe take one that you like and think of it in terms of a different theme? I don’t know, I just love the idea of completing a passion project, and honestly when you guys talk about stuff you like working on, or are interested in, it motivates me to be even more passionate about my current passions.

    Thanks for the continued correspondence :)

  • Love the game!

    In fact I just sent it to a colleague of mine as an example of someone taking an older done-to-death game like pong and making something unique fun and innovative out it it. Great stuff :)

  • Jammer

    @nixeldev Wow thanks! It is really encouraging to read stuff like that! I hope to make more interesting stuff and share it here on the forums. Do you have any game, music, or art projects you’d like to share? We have all sorts of spaces where people share really cool stuff!:

    I love seeing the creations of people in this community, so if you are ever in the mood to share, please do :D

  • We do a lot of contract work with other game development companies mostly. A lot of it NDA’d so can’t say too much about it, but we mention the stuff we can on our website if you’re interested - http://www.nonatomic.co.uk

    As for our own stuff, we’re working on a mobile quiz game centered around cosplay at the moment. It’s turned out to be a pretty fun game to work on, and we love the subject matter. It’s not on app stores yet but will be in the next week or so. Here’s a promo video we have for it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvLQVASW4Ew

    Hope you guys don’t mind shameless plugs :p

  • Tiger Hat

    Finally played your game, @Vox! It was a bit more complex than I expected, though I think I broke it/made it impossible to lose when I managed to get one of the balls to have a totally straight trajectory:
    Vox example

  • Jammer

    @Elite I’m so glad you played the game!! That is intentional- impossible to lose, but also impossible to win! If you ‘slice’ the ball, by hitting up or down when you hit the ball it will modify its trajectory, so if you need to get it out of that state, just hit the ball with a moving paddle :D

    The game only has three levels and it has a “you win” ending screen with credits! BIG STUFF GOIN’ ON THERE. So worth playing 'till the end ;)

  • Jammer

    @nixeldev said:

    Hope you guys don’t mind shameless plugs :p

    Hey man, from what I understand it’s encouraged. From what I’ve seen this community is all about sharing creations. If you have a company that creates games, awesome! It adds more content for people to come to the forums to see the cool stuff other creators create!

    Oh and heroes of cosplay does look really fun! I gotta catch up on playing the games around here, but after I do that I’ll try and give it a shot!!

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