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    We were invited to speak to @dannagle on his podcast, My Code is Broken #5, which is out now!

  • Jammer

    Whoa great stuff, listening now!

  • Jammer

    Nice- it was definitely cool listening to Matt and Geoff from the other side of the table so to speak.

    I commend you @dannagle, I am a big fan of HTML5, but mostly because it’s all I know. You drove home some really concise points about the practical applications of HTML5 vs other development platforms, e.g. Unity, Unreal, etc. and I feel that it was really clear why someone would want to use HTML5 over those other platforms, or why someone would want to use other platforms over HTML5.

    The interview questions were good. Being a fan of Lostcast already, having those ‘flashbacks’ to Lostcast snippets backing some of the points, or references that were made was really fun and interesting.

    If Lostcast changed it’s content for a different audience, I would definitely be disappointed, at least at first ( I’d give it a chance, but only out of loyalty to LDG, I love the developer based content ). The reality is, there are so many game review videos, articles, podcasts, I mean there is plenty of content out there for communities of people with no focus on development- but Lostcast is exactly what I was looking for when I started listening, and has held my unwavering attention because of its dedication to the developer. It’s a podcast by game developers for game developers, and I love it.

    I never used Ragatron originally, but I am excited that Ragatron will support AWL2. At this point, I admit, I am a LDG fanboy. It is really fun for me that you will be continuing Ragatron for AWL2 due to I feel like it supports something that I support, and that makes me excited for it.

    The art dev you interviewed was interesting, but mostly I liked the discussion of HTML5 in relation to the fall of Flash. I liked hearing that it seemed possible for someone to grab some assets and make a game these days.

    In closing, I am interested in your podcast, but I am most interested in any episodes where game dev topics are discussed. I believe I have listened to the first and second episodes, then came back for this one.

    I intend to listen to all your episodes, and look forward to future content :)

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    Big thanks for your thoughtful comments! Really glad you liked it. That means a lot to me.

    This was a difficult episode:

    • I wanted something @Lost-Decade-Games fans would enjoy
    • I wanted something My Code is Broken fans would enjoy
    • I wanted new insights useful to each side

    So far, two fans from my podcast told me they really liked it. So combine that with the positive feedback from you, I think I got it right!

  • Jammer

    @dannagle said:
    I think I got it right!

    I’d say so :D

    I look forward to hearing your podcast grow. I will say it amazes me how talented many of the people are here. Truthfully you all are quite inspiring.

    Here’s a question @dannagle, from what I’ve heard on the podcast, it does seem that you have a personal interest in game dev. Do you intend to make games as well, or are you more interested in development in general?

  • Patron

    I actually wrote a book about HTML5 game engines.

    I ultimately decided the market was pretty saturated for 1-person with a full-time job to release something in any reasonable timeline. I abandoned my game and spent the next 10 months writing that book instead. Game dev is still an interest of mine, but I don’t see myself attempting any serious effort at it again. The podcast focus is general development.

  • Jammer

    I checked the reviews on Amazon, and user mdt states:
    “One of the finest technical texts ever written!”

    When it comes to my technical texts I always trust user mdt, so I’m basically sold.

    I have purchased a C++ book back in the day, when first getting into game dev, but never anything on Javascript ( my current language of choice ), I feel I may give your book a shot, thanks for posting it here :) I’ll update if I take the plunge!

    @dannagle said:
    “I ultimately decided the market was pretty saturated for 1-person with a full-time job to release something in any reasonable timeline… Game dev is still an interest of mine, but I don’t see myself attempting any serious effort at it again.”

    Hmmm. Well Mr.Nagle, if you do decide to take another stab at it, I would be interested in seeing what you come up with. You obviously have a ton of development experience, and I know you wrote a book, but I do have this curiosity about what kind of game you would create. I am at a stage in my life where I believe game dev is just the coolest effing thing on this earth, so yeah, if you end up trying something serious again, you’d at least have me as a fan.

    Anyway, great stuff, and I look forward to future podcasts!

  • Tiger Hat

    I liked this one overall. I think it had an interesting format being mixed between the 2 interviews as it was. It gave me the feel sort of like I was listening to (watching) a documentary about indies.

    I’m not sure what it was (equipment? software?) but your sound was of lower quality than LDG. I felt like the other interviewee must have been with you sharing a mic, because his was of similar quality.

    Sometimes I felt like Matt & Geoff answered questions that weren’t (I didn’t hear them) asked.

    Sometimes the music and sound effects that you played mixed in there felt good, a lot of times they felt a little weird or out of place. I think that the AWL 1 sound was probably a bit long.

    I haven’t listened (yet) to the other episodes.

    It was definitely a different experience than I’m used to (though I’m not a podcast connoisseur by any means, I only listen to LostCast and some of the RogueLike one that was posted here). Overall I enjoyed it, and the content. I’ll be listening to the other episodes at some point to check them out, and looking forward to the next installment :)

  • Jammer

    Looking into the book more, I am looking for a book which would guide me through making my own game engine. Would your book be able to do that?

    I previewed the book on Amazon, and saw that the middle chapters cover other peoples engines, but are they covering how to use/work with those engines, or are they breaking apart how those engines do what they do?

    Although what I read was quite good, all in all what I’m hoping for, is something that shows me how to start at square one, and build a scalable game engine from vanilla JavaScript.

  • Patron

    No, my book only talks about using other people’s engines. A book that I actually helped review is called HTML5 Game Development by Example. Not sure if my publisher wants me linking another publisher, but oh well. That may be more of what you are looking for.

    I’m glad you liked it overall.

    • Yes, mine is more documentary style. There is very heavy editing involved, which is why my releases are few and far between. This is a purely one-person volunteer labor-of-love nights/weekends effort. I recorded about 2.5 hours of content that I then editted down to 1 hour. I slice up the pieces and then re-arrange them to create an overall narrative. The answers you heard did not occur in the order they were originally said. Sometimes the actual question was never asked at all. I kept a piece from the middle hoping the context of the answer was enough. I tried hard to keep it to 1 hour.
    • Yes, it’s different style, which was my goal. I wanted something different style than other developer-oriented podcasts.
    • For the LDG interview, we were all located in different areas and talked over Skype in to our own recording equipment. @richtaur and @geoffb sent me their raw audio files via Google Drive, and then I pieced everything together. The final exported project had a total of 12 tracks (Me with LDG, Matt, Geoff, music, verbals, Stephen, Me with Stephen, Lostcasts, etc).

    • The reason LDG’s audio sounds better than mine is because they have much better recording euipment. They spend lots of effort and money to maintain a quality setup (which is why $1/mo on their Patreon is a reasonable request). That little humorous piece I added to the end was my microphone breaking.

  • Jammer

    @dannagle very cool thanks for linking to something that may suit me better!

  • Interesting podcast from Dan. I’m always looking for more to listen to. There aren’t that many general developer podcasts out there, either. A few, but not a ton. Many are language-specific, too.

    As for the interview, for what it’s worth, if it wasn’t for the LDG podcast, I wouldn’t have purchased AWL1. I’m also interested in buying AWL2 based on playing AWL1 (the Alpha videos helped, too). Maybe it’s not reaching massive audiences, but I’d bet the podcast does generate some (maybe small) percentage of recurring sales.

  • Tiger Hat

    Ok, you have another subscriber. Happy?

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    So far, 3 people told me they’ve subscribed to Lostcast from my podcast!

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