An homage

  • I made a game for my upcoming programming book. It’s a simple game with Robotron 2084 mechanics (except it’s simpler: no pickups, no humans to resue, no diagonal shooting). I called it A Wizard’s Picnic. (Because it’s about a wizard on a picnic, and suddenly he’s ambushed by wave after wave of monsters.)
    Yes, really. Count the title as an homage :=)

  • Jammer

    Ahhh Sven that’s awesome! Any chance we could get a look at it?! What tech did you build it on? Nice to see you posting, it’s always great to see more people talking about game dev with us! :D

  • LDG

    I’ve notified our team of lawyers. Kidding! That’s super cool, yeah post something when you’re ready :)

  • @richtaur No lizards, I promise :D

  • @Vox Thanks.:) Love gamedev:) I wanted to use something existing, so I looked into Phaser, but I found no way to work it into the workflow I wanted to demonstrate (npm, webpack, reactjs). So I made a tiny little game engine and built it on top of that.

    It’s nothing fancy, just a 512x512 canvas with non-animating sprites, but the aim was to demonstrate how to build a game from scratch (and I only had about a week to create the whole thing), so I’m pretty pleased with the result. I’ve made worse games haha.

    Anyway, the book’s out in about 8 weeks, but I don’t think I spoil much by giving out the demo url for the game:

  • Jammer

    Lost at the, what I’m going to call them cat burglars:

    Good stuff man! Drop a link in here when the book comes out :D

  • @Vox Hehe thanks. Will do!

  • @vox the book is out (well, tomorrow:

    It took me about 14 months from start to finish. Writing a book of this size is a huge endeavour - as much work as any game I’ve ever made. Geoff & Matt has talked about how important it is to not only start on a project but actually seeing them through and shipping something. It’s great to be able to close the book (so to speak) on a project and know that it’s done. :)

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