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  • Jammer

    I make it a point to consume as much LDG youtube content as I can. I think its fun, supportive, and in many ways mutually valuable. That being said, I have a note about the speed painting vids. This for example. I like it, I find it fun and interesting, but only when I speed it up times 1.5. Basically I watch a lot of speed painting stuff, and LDG’s all seem to be a bit slower than the norm, or at least seemingly so. This may be intentional, as it would be easier to see what Matt is actually doing, but I find the experience as a whole to be more compelling when watched at a higher speed.

    So why am I writing this? Well I thought maybe if @richtaur upped the speed it might help grab more people to stick around and watch the whole vid, or maybe watch more vids, but maybe I am wrong. Does anyone else here watch these? Anyone else think they are maybe a touch too slow, fast, or just right?

  • LDG

    That’s interesting, I would have thought slower would have been preferred. For many of them, if I sped them up, they’d be just a minute or two long!

    I was really hot on those for a while, but I’ve kind of cooled off since they didn’t get a solid response. Seems like people are more eager for realtime work with commentary. Maybe soon! Thanks for the feedback btw :)

  • Jammer

    No problem! Yeah, I feel like it’s either one or the other for me. I like many videos where the artist talks you ( the listener ) through the piece as if you were going to follow along, or I like the fast paced, see the whole process unfold quickly right before your eyes.

    I think you should heat back up on them! If they aren’t too much trouble/work that is. Like, I’d definitely watch a quick sprite creation!

    How I surf youtube is in bursts.I want to watch speed painting, so I watch a bunch of videos. What usually occurs is I’ll get bored half way through a vid and skip to the finished piece, but with a short quick vid I never get a chance to be bored.

    But of course that’s just me. Either way I’m a fan, and will keep watching regardless of speed.

  • Jammer

    Because I can’t help myself:
    Timelapse: drawing items for A Wizard’s Lizard

    This seems to be just what I like to watch. Like, if you are going to talk me through creating a piece of equipment ( which I’d love ), then real-time would obviously be best, but if your just arting it up for a while, throw that sh-coin on fast forward and let the great music play :D

  • Jammer


    Great new upload!
    How to draw an Angel Statue for Soul Thief

    I would say this is perfect pacing for more of a learning tool.

    You know what I like about this? That it’s obtainable. Like you see so many artists flip through stuff, and make a bunch of lines even when they are trying to show you something. It’s like “Dude, chill, I’m still 30 steps back.”

    I also really enjoy that you verbalize the creative process.

    So yeah great stuff!

  • LDG

    Thanks, glad you like it! It’s kind of warts-and-all. Your posts here helped push me to make it.

  • Jammer

    Woo! Well I definitely like it.

    The value is definitely in the ‘warts’ I feel. Like yeah, okay you lose track of the hands, but for myself that connects me to this being obtainable. Like perfectly executed tutorials are almost intimidating.

    I would go on, but the point is, the pace and narrative of this really allows me to envision not only how I’d follow along with your work, but how I’d make works of my own.

    So thanks!

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