"The High Price of Free"

  • Tiger Hat

    The High Price Of Free

    This is more about people in the web dev “world” and how much is expected for free, but it overlaps with game development IMO.

  • Patron

    I have tons of unpaid work, and I frequently speak unpaid at conferences and user groups. My biggest open source contribution is Packet Sender. It gets downloaded ~250 times/day. LDG fans may be more interested in Ragatron. Also open source.

    I am not sure why I keep doing these unpaid projects. I’m not trying to find nor worried about employment. I guess it boils down to: “Would I rather be watching TV?” That answer is usually no.

    Not every code project has a commercial interest. I mean, when you really think about, would Ragatron ever find me a job? Very unlikely unless maybe I was applying for a job at LDG.

  • Jammer

    Nice post! I would say I agree!

    Myself and my girlfriend talk about money, and she doesn’t like spending. In many cases I am not a responsible spender- but it is my firm belief that your money should be used to invest in things you believe in. If you are visiting a particular site that is constantly inspiring you, or that you feel is beneficial, you should donate. If you are using some free software that you use exclusively, or really find to be beneficial, you should donate. If you enjoy the offerings of a game company who has a Patreon, well you get the idea.

    I mean, of course this all comes down to what someone’s individual financial situation looks like, but in reality, most people can give a dollar, and I believe even a dollar can be impactful.

    Anyway, really enjoyed reading this, very insightful, so thanks!

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