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  • Tiger Hat

    So, I love board games, but I didn’t want to pollute the lostcast episode thread with a discussion about them, nor have it lost with that episode. So I figured we should jam out here and discuss our favorite board games.

    I too love the long strategy games, it’s really difficult to carve out 6 hours with 4 or so friends nowadays though :(

    Love Arkham Horror and Descent - Fantasy Flight is good!

    Cults Across America is a great party game, kinda like Risk Cthulu style.

    LOVE playing Iron Dragon Medieval Fantasy and Trains! how can you go wrong!! :D

    Munchkin … well technically it’s a card game, but let’s expand this topic to table top fun !

    Twilight Imperium is one of those long ones. I think I only ever played it once, took about 8 hours and spanned a couple of weekends if I recall. Good times.

  • LDG

    Good stuff! Descent is so cool.

    Red Dragon Inn – get your opponents “drunk” with tricks and magic!
    Pandemic – there’s a worldwide plague and only YOU (and your friends) can fail repeatedly trying to save everyone.
    Timeline – brilliantly simple design, learn something while having fun laughing at your own ignorance!

    and it’s been a while but Cranium – used to play this a lot with my family while growing up. What can I say I really like drawing, sculpting, spelling, and … trivia is OK I guess ;)

  • Tiger Hat

    @Warspawn good thread idea!

    +1 for Pandemic. The dice version (The Cure) is a streamlined (though less thematic) version we’ve been enjoying.

    Codenames was a big hit with our mixed New Years Eve crowd. Supported a huge group of 10+ and allowed everyone to be involved.

    Resistance, Avalon, and Werewolf are really good but can create serious feuds between loved ones which has caused us to retreat to games with more civil traitor mechanics like Samurai Sword.

  • Jammer

    Arcadia Quest:
    Such a fun experience especially with the right group of people. I cannot recommend this game enough. It really is an amazingly fun title, but it is a little rule heavy, so if you can get passed that you’ll have a blast. The rules themselves are pretty simple though, and the instructions are some of the most thoroughly written I’ve seen.
    D&D for people who don’t wanna read 38 books first.
    Steam Park:
    My girlfriend picked it out, way more fun than I initially thought it would be. It has been easy to get new players involved.
    A lot of fun. A great intro game for people who are interested in the more serious board games.
    Dungeon Roll:
    Honestly a lot of fun. It’s easy to understand, great for a pre-game game. I actually seem to like this game way more than most the people I play with. It’s basically all randomness, but when it comes to a ‘push your luck’ experience, I really like this one. I suggest only getting the first expansion though, the later ones, from what I’ve seen, diminish some of my favorite aspects of the game.

    Love Munchkin and Pandemic! I’ve been meaning to play Red Dragon Inn, I’ll have to try it.

    @Warspawn thanks for starting this thread man! Next time I’m off to find a new game I’ll keep these in mind :D

  • LDG

    Love me some Descent. 2nd Edition is much better than the first in terms of game length, too. Here are some of my current favorites:

    • Lords of Waterdeep - Strategy, resource collection, based in D&D Forgotten Realms
    • DungeonQuest - Roguelike, by Fantasy Flight
    • +1 for Pandemic and Red Dragon Inn - Excellent family games
    • Classics like Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride
    • RoboRally - Haven’t played in a while, but it’s really fun, by Richard Garfield, designer of Magic: The Gathering

  • Tiger Hat

    Catan: Great resource driven game that’s pretty simple and competitive without any actual fighting except fighting over resource spots
    BattleTech: 'Mechs battling 'Mechs with a wide variety of options and somewhat realistic combat rules

  • Jammer

    Guys guys guys, I must share!

    This weekend I had the pleasure of playing a really fun board game for the first time. It looks meh from the outside, at least to me, but gosh this game was an amazingly fun experience!

    Betrayal at House on the Hill was a constant thrill. It’s pace and mechanics were fun and fluid. There are quite a few rules, but their complexity comes from the mix of thematics in their deliver instead of a pure mechanical explanation.

    I would describe the game as an exploration, RPG (Because there are stats that are manipulated/items/etc…), which depending on certain variables becomes a ‘hidden traitor’ experience. It’s theme is horror, and I had a ton of fun with it.

    Wil Wheaton will likely do the game more justice than my ramblings ever could. So if you have the chance to play it, I highly recommend!

  • Tiger Hat

    It’s ancient, but it always seems like no one has ever heard of it, Scotland Yard is an amazing game. It’s played asymmetrically, with one player hiding from the other players. On one side, you’re trying to plan moves several turns ahead, and the other turns into a diplomatic exercise, as you need to negotiate where all the players move each turn.

  • Patron

    @salmonmoose said:

    Scotland Yard

    Oh, OH!
    I have that one in my bedroom!

    P.S: Nevermind, it’s another Scotland Yard xD

  • Penguin

    @salmonmoose they have a similar expansion to pandemic. One player is a “bioterrorist” who blows up research centers and infect the world with purple blocks! It’s pretty fun!

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