Other Podcasts?!?!?

  • Jammer

    Wow, did anyone listen to the latest episode of 8-4 Play’s podcast? Great insight from Yacht Club Games about the making of Shovel Knight. I really enjoyed that one. And the latest Designer Notes podcast with Nels Anderson of Mark of the Ninja fame was also really good. I mean, they’re no LDG, but hey, the world needs runner ups, right?(edit: apparently I’m behind on my podcasts, 8-4s podcast before the most recent one had yacht club, how dare they produce new content just to invalidate my forum post! Jerks)

    Anyone else got good podcasts to make my ride to work in DC traffic slightly less miserable? Until Geoff and Matt start doing a daily recording, I’m going to need some supplemental material!

  • LDG

    Nice I bet Geoff would dig that MotN episode, he never shuts up about that game.

    Ya know, I could totally see daily Lostcast, because Geoff and I bullshit so much anyway. We should just hit the record button!

    VGMpire – biweekly podcast about video game music, hosted by my friend (and ex-Capcom community manager) Brelston.
    Roguelike Radio – deep-dive into roguelikes! Real ones; they’re like Rogue.
    My Code is Broken – from our own @dannagle! I’m sure he can describe better than me :)

  • LDG

    I will have to check out Designer Notes, MotN is such a good game. I’d also be interested in hearing anything about Invisible, Inc. Klei is quickly becoming my indie Blizzard. :D

    I’ll second Roguelike Radio and add these:

    Game Developers Like You:
    A New Series of Interviews with Game Developers Like You - Hosted by Chris DeLeon

    Stormcast: A Heroes of the Storm podcast. I especially liked episode 80 in which they interview HotS Game Director Dustin Browder.

  • Patron

    Thanks for the shout-out. My Code is Broken is a podcast that explores topics interesting to developers. I try to keep it fairly high-level so you do not need to be experienced in the tech being discussed to appreciate it. Each podcast interviews people involved in a code-oriented entrepreneurial effort. The podcast is every-other-month. I started off monthly, but that was just too much for a volunteer venture.

    The latest podcast episode is called Ruby on Pakyow. It is about Pakyow, a new web framework. I interview the inventor of it. He also founded a business that uses it. If Ruby does not interest you much, a good one from the archives is Conference Planning. I interview 2 people that each launched their own conference.

  • Tiger Hat

    The Debug Log - monthly(ish) podcast centered around Unity and game development, mix up of interviews and dives into specific topics - the presenters don’t take it seriously so there’s some back and forth, rather than a stilted interviews or monologues.

    Idle Thumbs - there are a bunch of podcasts on the network, I personally listen to Idle Thumbs, and Idle Weekend, which are both games and gaming culture podcasts - most of the presenters have a history in the industry although they are non-technical in scope, it gives a different insight into games than other gaming podcasts, and you don’t get rants from gamers about how they’d do the job better without having a background to speak from.

    Dan Carlin - Two podcasts here as well, Common Sense which I guess you’d call a current affairs program, largely political in nature, although he takes a fairly non-partisan view of the world (albeit with view that generally rests somewhat to the left). Hardcore History - what it sounds like, detailed and insightful end entertaining glimpses into historical events - Blueprint for Armageddon was spectacular.

  • Tiger Hat

    Giant Bombcast - Weekly podcast about games/the gaming world in general, but they go on crazy tangents very often. The dudes on it are pretty hilarious.

  • Patron

    I listen to the following while I’m walking around delivering mail dreaming of better things:

    For game design stuff.
    Game Design Zen
    The Psychology of Video Games
    The Time For Indie Games Is Now
    Game Factory
    Be Indie Now

    For talks with developers about how they got into games and some game design.
    Designer Notes
    The Sausage Factory
    Experimental Game Dev Podcast

    For game news and views, geared towards humor and interesting games independent and AAA.
    Daft Souls/Cool Ghosts

    Not a complete list but most relevant. Man I listen to a lot of podcasts!

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