A Wizard's Lizard [webcomic]

  • Tiger Hat

    It’s finally here…

    Here is a comic retelling of Raga’s (mis)adventures! Involve a mighty wizard and his slightly less mighty pet/familiar! Oh and a huge scary guy with a scythe as well as a chest full of naughty things.

    For those who are on DeviantArt, the comic can also be viewed from there.



    chapter card

    page 1

    page 2

    page 3

    page 4

    page 5

    page 6

    I hope you will all find that this was worth the wait.

  • LDG

    Good stuff @Mew! I really dig all the detail, like the magic things in the wizard’s lab.

  • Jammer

    Good stuff indeed! Poor Raga! I’m looking forward to chapter two!

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