Lostcast 154: Tropescast

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    Thanks for another enjoyable episode and answering my questions!

    Since you like git aliases, I thought you’d like to try this one I’ve been using…

    git config --global alias.lg "log --color --graph --pretty=format:'%Cred%h%Creset -%C(yellow)%d%Creset %s %Cgreen(%cr)%C(bold blue)<%an>%Creset' --abbrev-commit"

    Afterwards, run:

    git lg

    I’ve noticed for all the talk you do describing aspects of the game, I get infinitely more value from watching your YouTube demos. There is just no substitute to seeing it.

    When I asked about you getting more work done during the holidays, it completely escaped my mind that game dev is what you do all day everyday. A block of non-traditional working days makes little difference to you. For us day-timers, the holidays is a chance to get a pile of our own game dev and hobby projects done. You did allude to doing that during your times at Yahoo.

    Go AWL2 for 2016!

  • Tiger Hat

    Art Jamuary is official! We did it!

    In all seriousness, great cast. Interested to see if ya’ll do eventually relaunch the Kickstarter. I know I’d definitely repledge or if ya’ll do implement some extra buy-in to the game I’d give the same amount. Looking forward to the alpha video tomorrow

  • Jammer

    Yay Jamuary! Thanks for the shout out!

    Hope I wasn’t stepping on your guys toes I just didn’t know if anyone was going to actually participate besides Elite who seemed pretty on board. I basically got overly excited and wanted to make sure I posted something to hopefully set things in motion.

    I am of course very much excited about anything you guys want to do with the community, so I imagine this will be quite a fun experience.

    Prizes sound awesome. Just know that with or without the Kickstarter you guys have my support. I’m very excited to have any opportunity to be a bigger part of LDG, and the idea of working on something with you both sounds extremely cool.

    Also, I am very much looking forward to what you guys throw up on youtube today, because it’s


  • LDG

    No toes stepped on :) Yeah @dannagle it’s true the days kind of bleed together, even holidays, but every day of game development feels like a small victory. Good times either way.

    We’ll post something about the Jamuary Art Contest or whatnot soon. Fun ahead!

  • Tiger Hat

    I’ll give you a 100 bucks for read only git access (just source code, no assets, though I’d be buying them eventually anyway)

  • LDG

    Cool thanks @warspawn that’s good to know. Definitely will think about that.

  • Jammer

    Lol @Warspawn

    Me too- I can’t wait to make A Lizard’s Wizard and start my own game studio, Lost Century Games.

  • LDG

    Skeleton Covered in Spiderwebs Games

  • Jammer

    @richtaur yeah with quick mode in heroes, the idea is the match maker should find you a team that is fairly balanced, but yeah it’s far from perfect. I like that quick match doesnt do the league of legends blind pick, as i always find that turns into a shit show.

    Also jealous of you playing a bit of overwatch mr blair :)

    Also have to agree with the onscreen tablet thing. I returned the i7 surface pro 4, as it just felt like too much money for a device that can’t replace a laptop for the needs i have. I went back to the wacom pen & touch, but it just felt blah. I had trouble with accuracy and getting a feel in pixelmator. I ended up getting the base model surface pro 4, which is about 1/2 the price of the high end one. A bit cheaper than the cintiq 13HD. It’s been great, mango studio runs awesome. I can get a good feel for it, night & day as you said it matt.

  • Tiger Hat

    I’ve been hitting up Gearbest for hardware lately, tempted initially by the full featured Android phone that rang in at around $120. They’re also selling a Windows 10/Android tablet that is compatible with Wacom pens for $450, it’s very tempting as a pure sketch device.

  • LDG

    Re: HotS matchmaking, it can be really frustrating. However, I’ve had a few games lately where I was certain we were screwed due to team comp and yet we came away with a win. The most annoying aspect is how they seem to group the “odd” heroes together. When I’m playing Murky, it’s very common to see a Nova, Abathur, and TLV on either or both teams.

  • Tiger Hat

    Still, more salt than the dead sea, I’m destined to never play MOBAs it seems.

  • Tiger Hat

    (I’ve fallen behind on Lostcast due to the Giantbombcast week-long Top Games of 2015 marathon, but I’m catching up now!)

    Yay git jk! I’ve been using it myself as well. :)

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