Awesome Tuesday Videos -- Schell Games Gamedev Vids

  • this is a list of gamedev talks, shared by schell games. i believe they gather + watch a new one every tuesday, then add them to this sheet. lots of gems in here.

    here ya go!

  • LDG

    Cooooool – I like this idea. Yahoo! had these great “brown bag” days where you’d bring your own lunch and watch/discuss presentations on yer lunch break. My wife’s work does this thing where they have a game they’ll play for a week as a community and then discuss it. Basically group learning is awesome and I wholeheartedly approve this! Also Schell Games <3

  • heh, glad you like! we did something similar at my current company for quite a while, dubbed the “finer games club.” every week we’d each prepare a game, then battle it out, “Besties!” style. it eventually evolved into a “let’s get pizza and drinks this friday, and play game XYZ together!” will try and share more stuff like this, as i dig it up.

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