Lostcast 147: The Geoff Show (TGS)

  • LDG

  • You mentioned that you were interested in seeing data locality work in Javascript. You may want to check out this blog post + accompanying library my friend wrote.

    The blog post deals with the efficient storage and processing of 2D map data in Javascript


  • Jammer

    I’m all about it. Jeez it’s amazing how pumped up you guys get me from listening to you this podcast- like “TODAY IS THE DAY!” then I sit down and eat cheetos and think to myself, “tomorrows the day…

    Anyway- I can’t wait to play the game. AND THANK YOU for the optimization tips and the road map to success via your art tips Matt.

  • Jammer

    Also, I’d like to add. I may just have bad music tastes but usually I don’t listen to the closing song because it doesn’t grab me, but this one- Effing loved it. Yeah I said effing, cause it was that good.

  • LDG

    @lilroo Welcome and thanks for that article. Really interesting stuff. I’ll certainly have to dig into our memory usage now.

    @Vox If I could find a way to eat cheetos without using my fingers, they’d be the perfect programming fuel. I guess you could use a fork, but that sounds weird. Bone Ark Madness rocks!

  • Tiger Hat


    However, chips are poor programming fuel, I find a mix of protein and fresh fruit to be the most lasting combo for doing LDJAMs.

  • Jammer

    “There’s time for everything” “nope”. Really this kind of thing doesnt bother me. Though in so many ways I wish I could learn to speak and write a ton of languages. I love being able to go somewhere and actually communicate in a respectful way, rather than ask them to understand the bastardization that is English. As far as games go, I wish I could make art with the quality that you see in games like bastion, or mark of the ninja. At the end of the day though, what is it that I really enjoy?

    Programming and problem solving. I love seeing my creations come to life, I love the challenge doing this work brings. Art can be fun, playing guitar is really fun, I love traveling, playing starcraft at an okay level is fun. It’s okay to me now to realize i’ll never master these. I’ll never master a competitive game, because it’s not where my focus is. In the end I really just want to make things that hopefully someone else wants, and I hope to see some beautiful places in the world. /r/earthporn does not help with that last one.

  • Jammer

    Oh also, anyone notice the timestamp being wrong in their podcast player with LC lately? It’s at zero for me now, Geoff be talking about entity components. Could be a bug in the player itself, just havent noticed it with any other podcast.

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