furthest run yet

  • Jammer

    Second time getting into the sewer. Got to the second level of it for the first time. I was dead when going into level 2, i neglected going to a revival room for some reason. And yeah in level 2 ran into a room with 5 demons lol. That’s not gone well

  • LDG

    The demons recently got moved from the Crypt to the Sewer, actually. So, you can blame us for that one. :)

  • LDG

    The Crypt is so bad that its incompetence spread into the Sewer, which is otherwise a pretty decent dungeon :P

  • Tiger Hat

    I’ve stumbled across the room on every run so far. Everytime I enter, I wish we could bomb a door open and just nope the eff out. It’s an interesting room, I just usually wish I had more items/better stats by the time I reach it.

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