• Jammer

    When I hear the name, all I can think of is Revolver Ocelot.

    Anyways, it’s a cool little framework. Looking through the code, there’s not much I can even complain about :).

    https://github.com/geoffb/ocelot/blob/master/lib/components/sprite.js#L9 I suppose that could use ~~ to run a tad faster, but that’s a minuscule thing.

    Cool to see this get released regardless. Would love to know if you want to expand on something like this for a larger project, as you’ve noted various problems with jinn in the past.

  • LDG

    I can’t even remember why exactly, but Revolver Ocelot always stuck out after playing MGS. I haven’t played any of the recent iterations, but the early PS(2?) versions were among my favorite games of that era.

    I sometimes use ~~ to floor, but lately I’ve been leaning towards more readable, unless it needs heavy optimization. This would, however, be a good candidate given that it’s in a rendering function called many times per frame. That said, last time I did a benchmark of ~~ vs Math.floor, there wasn’t much of a difference, at least in Chrome.

    I really do want to expand on this, actually. I’ll probably keep Ocelet rather lean but I started messing around with a larger project, Ahi. It’s really just an experiment in combining all the stuff I’ve learned with Djinn, Unity, Pixi, Ocelot, etc. Who knows how far I’ll take it, but I can’t stop from tinkering. :D

  • Jammer

    Yeah for sure. There’s really a place for these smaller libraries. Phaser minified is over 700kb. MelonJS is 200ish which is better, but still not great if you’re running on a bad connection. There’s definitely a place for smaller, simpler libraries.

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