Surface book

  • Jammer

    Really tempted to order one of these:, though I feel like nothing is really all that wrong with my 15" macbook pro, and i can still get a lot done with it. :P

  • Patron

    The question is: does it run Ubuntu?

    Oh, also, which is the “discrete graphics card” in question?

  • LDG

    I want one :3 Portable Manga Studio sounds amazing

  • Jammer

    @Josue it sounds like it’s a 950m or a 960m. I’ve seen good arguments for both on I wonder about running ubuntu native as well, though i’d probably do it in a vm. That way I can run photoshop on windows, output images to the file system that gets mounted into the Ubuntu VM. Copy them to the proper asset folders linux side.

  • Tiger Hat

    If the hardware is modern enough, you could join the cool kids and do hardware pass-through, seems like it has all the right bits.

  • Jammer

    Minor follow up. Went to the microsoft store this morning, no surface book demo machines, but they had the pro 4. The stylus feels amazing. I tried out paint for what it’s worth, but it felt pretty fluid to me. The eraser feels as authentic as can be.

  • Jammer

    Bit of follow up. Got my surface pro 4 on friday. It’s a pretty neat windows device. Screen looks fantastic. The lightness of it is great. Drawing with the pen feels pretty good. Over my intous pen & tablet it has similar speed/lag, but way more pressure sensitivity options. Drawing on the screen is nice too. Sadly though my eraser stopped working this morning, just doesnt detect that i flip it over.

    Though I’m not entirely sold on windows yet. Cmder is okay, but it’s slower and just doesnt feel as right as iTerm. I’m definitely not used to hotkeys either. I feel like some of this i could get used to in time. But the bit i messed around in a linux vm felt so much more at home. Because of this, and the fact it’s a smaller screen, I’m not sure if i’ll keep it. I still do a bit of ruby development in my own time, and mac is really just better for doing react native. One thought of mine though, is if I were to focus on doing more and more java for games, then the platform matters less. cmder or even just cmd is fine for doing git. Everything else when it comes to java dev is done through the ide. Don’t have to worry about web servers.

  • Tiger Hat

    If you want a bit more of a unix-y feel for windows, I suggest you try Cygwin.

    Cygwin is basically all of the bits of Linux you love compiled for Win32 instead of Linux. Real SSH, git, on top of Bash/Fish/etc. As Unity3D is only Windows/OSX and trying to use OSX makes me want to murder kittens, I use Cygwin for my command line stuff.

  • Jammer

    Yeah what i did before was git-bash wrapped in console2. I have used cygwin in the past, pretty similar to msys(mingw), which is what fuels git-bash. Somethings to i just can’t seem to find, like hotkeys for next/prev tab in both chrome & atom. You have cmd+shift+[ and ] for those in mac.

    Personally i find using unity the same in both platforms, but with windows you can hook in visual studio at least.

  • My boss has one and he loves it, I do like the idea of being able to use windows apps in a tablet. And the ability to draw on markup and images and email them is nice as i am normally doing stuff like that.

  • Jammer

    Yeah i guess im just not sold on the fact how expensive this is. It’s pretty nice, but given im pretty comfy coding in mac, is it a good enough reason to change? Something im trying to figure out over the next couple of weeks.

    If i do go back to mac, i might try to use pixelmator more, over using my ugh unethical use of photoshop ;).

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