Can't spawn Gelatinous Cube :'(

  • Jammer

    Guys I’ve been trying to unlock stuff, I got a feather from a chest and the shovel from the forest, but now that I’m in the sewer I can’t spawn the cube :( is this because I am floating? Or is it because I have a multi-strike ring?

  • Jammer

    AAaaaand this happened to me twice today, once when entering the forest, and again when entering the Den :’(


  • LDG

    oof, sorry about these issues. I’l look into the feather issue, I bet you’re right about that.

    No clue about the crashes, I wonder if that’s new or pre-existing? If you’re having issues you can switch to the “stable” branch. If you do happen to do that, please LMK if the issue remains or not.

    Sorry! We’ll fix it up.

  • Jammer

    Yeah maybe that’s a good idea- I will say though I am loving AWL. Honestly, like when I first bought it I was just getting slammed, but now there seems to be some change in your guys monster gen where there are still difficult rooms, but the seem to have a better composition of monsters or something. Or maybe not I don’t know- long story short it’s really fun and I’m enjoying it a lot, so thanks!

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