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  • Jammer

    I’ve been playing a lot of AWL 1 in honor of the Kickstarter. Just to let you guys know AWL is hard… But, the better I get at it the more fun it is, which I feel is not always the case these days. Good job making a game that doesn’t spoon feed me progression, and that when I get something worth getting, I feel I really earned it. I look forward to unlocking everything in the game and seeing all the content you guys have created… or more likely being like, “Eff this SH**!” and give up like I remember doing playing games when I growing up, and have already done while playing yours. Thanks for the nostalgia, and cheers to many broken controllers in my near future.

  • LDG

    It is pretty unforgiving! This time around we’re going to attempt to make the difficulty more organic. e.g. Skew the difficulty towards optional tasks such as the multi-step quests. Ideally, most players who play the game for 5-10 hours should come away with a win.

    If you haven’t heard much from me lately, it’s because I’ve been out of town visiting family. I should be back full time next week!

  • Jammer

    I look forward to your return sir and hope you have fun with the fam!

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