Lizard Vs Stuff! Again!

  • Tiger Hat

    A new “A Wizard’s Lizard” is coming! Raga has somehow defeated Death despite the impossible odds and brought peace to Amberfall! However, while Xam and the inhabitants of the village are busy scouring the ruins of Death’s former capital and the world start to think about rebuilding, none of this really concern our protagonist.

    Namely. he’s just happy being Sir Wizard’s pet and familiar, living his days lazily as usual.

    Of course, this is a new prologue, not an epilogue, so something will happen to change Raga’s life. No, it’s not him starting to dabble into magic as per his growing mind. This is a Roguelike-lite after all. Rather, Raga finds a weird chest and having not learnt his lesson from having his tail biten five dozens times by Mimics, he foolishly open the thing despite Sir Wizard instructing him to fetch him an ingredient and not to open strange chests.

    Was the chest containing evil that Sir Wizard sealed away during his old adventuring days? Is it a trap laid by Death’s followers, a form of revenge for defeating their master? Or is it the work of a nefarious new villain who saw the power vacuum caused by Death’s defeat as an opportunity and wish to prove itself by cursing the one who managed to beat Death?

    Regardless of the truth of the matter, Raga is coming back!

    And just as he gets an overhaul by the dev team in the actual new game, Raga also get an overhaul!

    Raga Again

    Look at how confident he looks! All of the exercise he got from beating Death and trekking through dangerous crypts sure did a lot of good to him (if you exclude the broken bones and the back-and-forth death-resurrection shenanigans)! And he got a little taller from growing a bit from all this time that passed!

    Of course… this would not be Raga without him being largely unlucky and kind of dumb at times.

    Hey, it’s not because he saved the world that he won’t die in humiliating and painful ways by doing dumb things!

    Let the fun (Dwarf Fortress definition of it) begin!

  • LDG

    very cool @mew! he definitely looks more confident

  • Patron

    (AWL comic dubbing, anyone?)

  • Tiger Hat

    @Josue said:

    (AWL comic dubbing, anyone?)

    I’m on it

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