A Wizard's Lizard 2 Kickstarter is Live!

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    @Mew Just to clarify: We have a good relationship with Humble and we’ll distribute AWL2 DRM-free via their platform. We actually try to funnel sales through Humble (on our websites, for example) when we can, because they take a smaller cut AND the players get a Steam key anyway; win/win!

    Thanks for the support!

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    It is nice to be back! The only reason I did not pledge by now is a real life problem but once that problem is dealt with (it’s an annoyance that is causing a delay, not a serious issue), I plan to make a maximum level pledge.

    A Wizard’s Lizard really impressed me, as you know, and I’d love to see where you can take the sequel. Its increased focus on puzzles, unique way of attacking (given the genre), and the premise (which will lead to more varied, less cliched locations + more opportunities to flesh out the setting) really make it a sell for me.

    A Wizard’s Lizard’s big strength was, in my humble opinion, its Zelda-like emphasis on puzzle-solving and navigating hazards intelligently as opposed to pure reflexes. And I’m pleased with the previews of larger, more complex rooms + the various ways the player can navigate the dungeon. I’m also intrigued as to how you will balance Raga gaining new abilities through magic experimentation and how that can be used to have a fluid, customizable set of tools on each adventure.

    As for what I was doing… well, I play a lot of games and my own projects require time to be developed. My original novel did demand I take time off from fan-stuff to work on it.

    Likwise, fan-stuff-wise, Shovel Knight and Freedom Planet took quite a bit of my time (especially the later, a flawed and incomplete but still magnificient game that really deserve to be compared more to the former and less to Sonic).

    On the sequel… I’m digging the improvements to the art style. Really like the looks of the characters as a whole.

    Will the game involve a death-ghost mechanic like the original or will it ditch that?

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  • LDG

    @mew welcome back! death-ghost mechanic is possible eventually but we’ve shelved it for now, as there’s too much else to design. these days we lean towards simplicity, which often means cutting features. again WB!! and thanks for the support!

    @dannagle that’s awesome you’re the best!

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    You barely started and you’re already thinking of cutting features? And given this is supposed to be a sequel and the word of the day for sequels is either “more focused” or “bigger, more in-depth”… and given the first game is already pretty simple admitely and you’re speaking of going for simplicity further…

    … yeah, this dealt a severe blow to my hype.

    I sure do hope the development news will prove my sudden worries wrong.

  • LDG

    Sorry to hear that … it’s not written in stone… we’ve actually been developing it for a while now, and from the beginning we took the death mechanic off the table. In AWL1 it wasn’t fully baked, and something we’d been struggling with the whole time making the game.

    Honestly, focus is GOOD. Sometimes removing things and saying no means that what’s left will be BETTER! There’s a lot of cool stuff we want to do, we just need the time (money) to do it. I think there’s so much other new good stuff that the death mechanic won’t even be missed!

  • Jammer

    even after several months we probably pulled the trigger too early. agony!!

    That’s my concern too. Also i do like the art comparison. The angle of that tomb with the skull on it is just wrong, haha. Love how you have stepped up!

    Don’t forget to just sit back for a minute, breath. Remember that whatever direction things go. Funded or not, you learn something from it, and can apply those learnings to what you do as your next step.

  • Hello! Big fan of AWL and the podcast here. I sent ya’ll something on Twitter a while back saying that you were a huge inspiration as the podcast pushed me to put an HTML5 game on Greenlight. Anyway, you mentioned tunnel vision and I understand. There seems to be some obvious things that you may have missed because you’re so far into the weeds. Here’s what I’m seeing:

    The game is described as a “twin-stick shooter.” There is, apparently, no shooting on display.

    From what I’ve heard on the podcast, I think what happened is you picked on some ostensible weaknesses with AWL1:

    • Lack of “lizard” mechanics
    • Too much of a focus on projectiles
    • Weird, default fantasy settings

    So it looks like you’ve set the game in a house with house themed branches, made the enemies household items like knives, and switched out projectiles for a tongue mechanic. OK… The problem is, I’m not sure any of those are big selling points. The result is, I’m afraid to say, a very boring looking trailer. It doesn’t look like something I want to play. Obviously the polish and art is great, but if you go back and watch the first trailer it simply looks more exciting. You have to ask yourself if lots of people avoided buying AWL1 because it was too much of a shooter… I’m doubting it.

    It’d be fine if you wanted to make something completely original, but the decision was to work with your existing IP. Part of the thinking here is surely to capitalize on the existing fanbase (and the fans of games like BoI in general); I can only assume that why you’re as king for 5 times the amount of money you got in your last kickstarter. The phrase that comes to mind is: first, do no harm. When I think sequel, especially kickstarter sequels that are aimed at pleasing fans, I think “bigger, better version of the first thing.” Maybe not the most sexy thing, but that’s what a sequel is. So I would reevaluate what made the first game great and maybe try to avoid fixing everything that was wrong with it.

    Other than that, I would also look at adding some explanation and/or voice over to the trailer. A gameplay only trailer, as much as people like to complain about lack of gameplay in trailers, strikes me as incredibly bizarre for Kickstarter. And then finally, the rewards might need some tune up. The $1 pledge (with a total of 4 backers) is just pushing the other ones down. Also, I have a gut feeling that you’d have more success with a package that includes both AWL1 and AWL2 at a cheaper price (maybe without OST?).

    Anyway, I hope that helps. Good luck guys!

  • LDG

    hey @jere! welcome to the forum. These are good points. We’ve thought about updating with a more combat-focused slant, and we might still do that, but like all things it takes time. We’ve definitely been thinking more about “the original but better” instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Really appreciate your thoughts and honesty.

  • LDG

    @mew this should please you, I hope :) We’ve definitely come around on the death mechanic, so it’ll almost certainly be in the sequel.

    A bit ago we were thinking that we never really figured out the death mechanic in the first game, so we might as well cut it. We also had this new tongue mechanic idea, which we leaned on too heavily. What we’re currently thinking is that we always really wanted to take another crack at the death mechanic, and really the game needs as much as possible to be unique about it. There’s something cool about the death mechanic, it could be pretty interesting if we can figure it out.

    With the campaign in the situation it’s in we’ve been going back to the drawing board for some things :) Anyway I’m sure we’ll talk about it in-depth on the podcast!

  • @Mew I think is comparable to Mario Bros (NES)
    Simple story focused on the Gameplay

    (It would be nice to add a little bit of history
    perhaps small text during the adventure)

  • LDG

    We’ve made a tough decision and canceled the A Wizard’s Lizard 2 Kickstarter campagin.

    As we mention in the update, we definitely made a few mistakes going into this campaign. The good news is that it’s really just a small misstep along the larger path of game development.

    We really appreciate all the support and feedback, so thanks to all of you who’ve encouraged and supported us.

    AWL2 isn’t dead either, we’re going to take a step back and decide how to move forward with the project. On the bright side, Valve has already given the go-ahead to publish a sequel (no Greenlight campaign) and we may pursue Steam Early Access as an alternative to fund the game earlier than general release.

    Thanks again, and we’ll be talking about our upcoming plans here on the forum and Lostcast.


  • Patron

    You exceeded what you raised from the first KS. That’s something, right?

  • Jammer

    Early access would be really interesting. Look forward to hearing your pros and cons to that idea on lostscast.

  • Tiger Hat

    Hey guys! Just so you know, we still love you :)

  • Tiger Hat

    I’m sorry that the Kickstarter failed but I’m sure what you learned here will aid you in future endeavors.

  • I’ll try to be here if you need anything

  • Tiger Hat

    This makes me sad - you guys are awesome, and deserve to be able to make the things you want to make.

  • LDG

    thanks for all the encouragement you guys are great <3 <3

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