Going back to do a 2.0?

  • Jammer

    Obviously when one wants to do a major update to a game, or a version 2 or an expansion, or whatever. You need to consider monetary gain. That’s a bit irrelevant for me at this point, as I basically produce games in my spare time at a loss. By loss I mean the minor costs of server hosting, apple dev license, and the occasional art I pay to get done. So any sort of things I can make that better my skills, or maybe gain a bit more traction is a plus.

    So with that said I have an older game of mine, first to release on iOS: http://projects.agmprojects.com/snowballeffect. Aside from the obvious art improvements (which i will do last), I’m thinking of a number of improvements to go back and do.

    Here’s what i’ve written down so far:

    • Review level length. Is it too long or short? This may need to vary depending on number of levels I add.
    • Add terrain (bumps & moguls) & gravity. This should give the user more opportunities to avoid & take damage.
    • Swipe gesture to jump. This will unlock in further levels.
    • Suicide snowman? Tap a button or something to have a snowman suicide into a fire or other hazard.
    • Infinite mode. This would be a gentle curve that has checkpoints to unlock abililties, and difficulty curves. It’s worth exploring if this should just be the game.

    I’m wondering if you think this kind of revisit is a worth while effort or not. I kind of miss using melonjs a bit, even though i’ve been enjoying the stealth prototype so far, which feels like a far more professional endeavour as far as my past game design goes. But i think the idea of a snowball going down a hill still has some merit, so I want to see if I can live up to that.

  • LDG

    That’s a really tough question. I think it mostly depends where your interests are at. There’s definitely value in going back and iterating on the initial design. You have the benefit of hindsight and a stable base to improve upon. Could be a good exercise in taking games to the next level design-wise!

  • Jammer

    For sure. I think i’ll just start, and see if it’s something that continues to interest me. As I was thinking about it yesterday, I almost think removing levels and just having an infinite mode is the way to go.

    Games that have separate short levels such as Angry Birds, Bike Race, etc. They have very distinct designs. With this game because it’s downhill everytime, it’s hard to make that distinction. I could potentially do different tracks, different art, etc. But that’s changing the scope of the game quite a bit. Vs right now I like the idea of different obstacles & powerups.

  • Jammer

    Been working on some new stuff with the game. Swapped it to be just an infinite level. I have some ideas on how to make it more interesting, as mentioned above. Plus the idea once the snowball gets too big, it caps. After that, extra snow is piled into a resource you can use for different abilities. Not something i’ve implemented yet.

    Right now i’m tempted to re-do some of the art, as it just looks awful to me. I changed the canvas code for how the snowball looks, i love its colour much more now. But I know I should hold off, and get gameplay solid.

    I have built a simple system for adding new objects or w/e at various checkpoints. So i added in a bunch of fire traps at various intervals, made the game stupid hard but fun to test lost scenarios with XD. Posted a build here if you’re interested: http://projects.agmprojects.com/snowballeffect

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