Stream request, audio kinda quiet

  • Jammer

    Maybe i’m used to having speakers low or something, but i find my music/netflix audio/games with my speakers are a good volume. Have to turn up my speakers quite a bit to hear geoff. Once I do, it sounds great and all. But wondering if it could have a louder base. Other stream watchers, if you think it’s fine as is, also respond :)

  • LDG

    I could try switching to my good mic, perhaps. I’m currently using my webcam’s built-in mic. I haven’t heard many complaints about the volume so if other viewers think it’s too low please speak up so I know that it’s something on my end.

    Also, thanks for dropping in tonight!

  • LDG

    Geoff if you’re using the same thing I have, mine was quiet at first too, then I went into settings and turned it up to 100% and it was a tad too loud. So, should be an easy fix!

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