What kind of video content do you like?

  • LDG

    SURVEY!! Hey we plugged this on Lostcast but I thought we could start a convo here on the forum, too. Basically we’re wanting to double down on video content on YouTube and/or Twitch, and we want to know what kind of stuff you like and when you watch it, etc.

    If you haven’t, take the survey! Would also like to hear your opinion here.

  • Tiger Hat

    I ran into this stream the other day, it’s a game development stream that really manages to make things quite exciting… or at least more exciting than you’d think gamedev would be. He had quite a lot of viewers, and I think it might be something worth researching, he lists equipment and tools that he uses. I think he also streams every day :)


    I’m sure you’re already researching what others do, but maybe you haven’t seen this guy before, and if you’re looking to “kick it up a notch” I think it’s worth a look.

    Oh and I also found http://www.twitchalerts.com/ which seems like it could be an easy win for some of the notifications and things that help make the stream come alive.

  • Patron

    You may be asking the wrong crowd. Assuming the bulk of your responses are from Lostcast, audio and video are completely different entertainment mediums. I suspect minimal overlap in the fan base.

    I’d never commit to watch a 1-hour YouTube video, but audio is not a big deal. I listen while doing other tasks. From what I understand about the few people that do develop both audio and video, roughly 15 min of polished video is the sweet spot. Audio can be an hour and more rough.

    Maybe plug your survey again during your first video episode? Then you’d hit people that actually do care about video.

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