Hey Lost Decade Games - This is probably right up your line.

  • Tiger Hat

    Even with Unity, code can become spaghetti-code pretty quickly so I tried some design patterns, namely the MVC & MVVM and bought the very well respected Invert uFrame MVVM for $80 bucks when it was on sale at half price. But It didn’t work for me because it was more targeted at enterprise devs (also the tutorials were not so good). Anyway I got a refund and was told to wait for something else Invert was developing that would be more suited to non-enterprise developers. Well it is coming out soon and I just found out that it is an ECS which you guys really preached about in your podcasts. Anyway what could be better Unity (which is already ECS-like) and a real ECS for Unity: uFrame ECS . And it is now half price for pre-orders. A preview build is to be released this month (July).

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