Matt and Geoff are awesome.

  • Jammer

    Today I posted on one of your Youtube videos and you guys commented and it made me feel cool. You see I’ve been listen to your guys’s podcast for the last few months, so it was like “Whoa, I like, interacted with those guys”. So as you can tell this was a magical experience for me. Not only have you guys entertained me for months, but have helped me through some of my own html5 projects. I have bought and am working towards beating ‘A Wizard’s Lizard’ but feel that I still owe you guys something for all the awesomeness you’ve given me, so here you go, take it, take the last 2 hours of my life, it’s the best and also the least I could do. I hope this works: ‘link to google+ fan art post’

  • Patron

    Woah, that’s so cool!

    Yeah, @geoffb and @richtaur are great at interacting with their community. Actually, you’ve come to just the right place for that!

    Welcome to the LDG community!

  • LDG

    Heyyy Vox welcome and right back atcha! Love the fan art! nice pixeling

    Thanks for listening, glad it’s been hellpful – feel free to share some of your HTML5 projects, we’re all really into HTML5 stuff here :D