GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies

  • Tiger Hat

    Has anyone seen GameLoading: Rise Of The Indies yet? It looks interesting from the trailer, it’s being shown in Dublin at the end of the month so I might go see it before buying my own copy.

    As game development related documentaries go I thought Indie Game: The Movie was pretty good. I think it lacked just how intense crunch really is. And I wonder if they weren’t expecting Fish and Fez to end up being the “cautionary tale” rather than the success they became.

    Minecraft: The Story of Mojang was great - Notch seems like such a grounded guy and quite bemused by all his good fortune.

  • LDG

    I saw it yeah, thought it was similar to IGTM but (to me) not as good, maybe too scattered or something. Worth a watch tho!

  • Tiger Hat

    Finally got around to watching it!

    @richtaur I know what you mean about it being a bit scattered. They cover and talk to a lot of people so maybe the chose breadth over depth. I’m always amazed to see how many “poor” indies have very expensive MacBooks - I understand the whole iOS ecosystem as well as business expenses but still!

    I liked how honest the interviewees were about the slim chances of success these days as well as the mistakes they made e.g. Adorkable Game and their lack of marketing. I’d like to see more of the interviews with Richard Hofmeier (Cart Life) he seems like a very intense personality.

  • LDG

    Agreed I’m interested in learning more about Cart Life and its creator – tho I have to admit it doesn’t sound fun to PLAY ;) The dude seems very natural and it seems like an organic work tho, which is rare these days.

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