Lostcast 121: Traditional Steamia

  • Hello @richtaur and @geoffb, I’m a long-time Lostcast listener! First: love the show, keep it up (please :D) – you guys are doing great!

    I’m more of lurker when it comes to online communities in general, but I “dig” James Gurney a whole lot, and since you mentioned him, I thought I’d poke my head out briefly and send some comments your way!

    Some of the material on the “Gurney Journey” blog has been sort-of a draft version for some of his published works (IE his books and videos) – I’d definitely recommend checking out his archives if you haven’t. There are slow bits, but it’s a treasure-trove of interesting stuff

    For example, I really enjoyed his “Watercolor in the Wild” DVD – one of his posts on it covers most (if not all) the first video on the disk. It’s just about his equipment and materials, but it’s pretty detailed and interesting if you like seeing the tools that various artists create their work with (here’s the post: http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.com/2014/08/watercolor-in-wild-materials.html). The rest of the DVD is pretty amazing too, even if don’t actually do much plein air (I do not, and enjoyed it immensely).

    On a different note – I just picked up listening to VGMpire… and I have to say, I really enjoyed the single episode I’ve listened to thus far, great suggestion!

    A couple comments about Lostcast in general (I intend these to be constructive comments, I’m an avid listener and love the show):

    1. You’ve mentioned that your community has said you repeat a lot of stuff, and you are trying to work on that – awesome! However, I’ve noticed you’ve just started saying “I think I’ve talked about this before” (or equivalent). For me, this interrupts the flow the conversation with one another – I don’t think a little bit of rehash of stuff relevant to the current conversation is a bad thing, especially if you are only lightly touching on a previous, deeper, conversation. Really, I think the “repeating too much” comes mostly into play when you rehash an entire previous conversation. Pulling up relevant anecdotes that you’ve used before doesn’t necessarily mean you’re repeating yourself (within reason), simply that you have a useful anecdote!
    2. I don’t personally watch a lot of live-streaming (usually the schedules conflict), but what I do really enjoy is seeing artists work – I’d love to see some youtube video’s of you guys doing art production!
    3. It’d be awesome to see some concept art for your “Preduction” games… even if none of it finds it’s way into your next project – I personally love seeing that kind of stuff
    4. Perhaps post your show-notes here in this sub-forum for the podcast instead of on your blog area which seems to be basically in archive mode… or maybe both spots? It could kick-start conversations and focus your user-base traffic to more of a single spot (with a bonus of introducing more people to your forums… IE the ones that like listening to your show and reading the notes – linking to a forum post and saying “come talk about this episode <here>” gives them one less hurdle to engage with LDG).

    idk, just my 2 cents!

    Anyway, I’ll say it again: great stuff, keep it up!

  • LDG

    Hey @_jk, welcome to the forum :)

    The Jame Gurney stuff was all new to me, so I’ll let @richtaur comment on that. It sounds like really interesting stuff though, so I’ll have to check out his work.

    Here’s my feedback on your feedback:

    1. Good point, I think we tend to be too apologetic in general. It might even draw more attention to old stories. And you’re right, some things do need repeating! There are so many little bits of wisdom about game design that I need to remind myself of on a regular basis.

    2/3. I’m hoping @richtaur will do a art stream in the near future. Let’s keep bugging him until he cracks! I do think he’s been saving a lot of the “preduction” art for sharing later on.

    1. I think that’s a great idea. The forum is an easier place to engage vs the comment threads on the blog. We have sidelined the blog in a lot of ways, so it does make sense to nudge the conversation here. I’ll create a thread next week and see how that goes.

    Thanks for listening, your feedback, and the encouragement!

  • LDG

    James Gurney is amaaazing, I’m stoked he’s got a blog and a YouTube channel, NNNGHH gonna absorb all this stuff hardcore. Love dat VGMpire! You might just hear me pop up now and again.

    Geoff’s spot-on about the current slate of art. Most of it has been for either vaporware or for projects we’re waiting to publicize (no spoilers!). I do plan on streaming sometime soon tho! Also I post a bunch of art on Twitter.

    Thanks for poking your head out!

  • Jammer

    Can you guys please make Dungeons and PokeMonsters? It’s the game we all need, come on. I’m sure some of us might even support the inevitable indie gogo of “Support Lostcasts’ class action law suit defense”

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