Unity 2d features on the horizon, alpha for pro users

  • Jammer

  • LDG

    Very interesting. My immediate thought is whether this will invalidate tools like SpriteTile. Love to see more native 2D support in general. Reaffirms that Unity is turning out to be a good choice for us.

  • Patron

    Yes! Thank you, Unity!


    I bought SpriteTile based on your recommendation. I’m happy it is working for you, but I cannot echo your endorsement. I won’t go in to details, but the whole thing just feels unpolished with numerous UI bugs / limitations. One day, the thing borked, and I couldn’t recover because my level data is trapped in an unreadable binary format.

    Even if it invalidates a bunch of indie effort, I’d love an official Unity-sponsored tile manager. I trust it will work well and inspire many video tutorials. Unity is a very visual tool, and they have good video tutorials. I was really missing that with SpriteTile.

  • LDG

    @dannagle Ouch, losing data sucks. I haven’t run into any showstopping bugs myself, but I will agree that the UI leaves a bit to be desired. I toyed with the idea of importing maps from Tiled, but that seems to add even more complication. I definitely think that SpriteTile is worth the $30, but I’d also rather have a native Unity solution.

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