Lostcast 118: Streamcast

  • Tiger Hat

    (Again the joys of working remotely and listening to podcasts during my lunch break!)

    You guys really cover a lot in a podcast!

    One thing I could really identify with was the pain of performance optimizations.

    In my case it was web apps rather than games but it brought back flashbacks of “Great, it works on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with KitKat running Chrome, but not in the stock Android browser - fix it! Okay it’s running well in Chrome and stock but there’s audio lag when a button is pressed on this Duos II running Gingerbread but it works fine on mobile Safari in iOS8 but 8.2 has some slow downs when the user has requested data and changes device orientation…”

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • LDG

    haha that sounds dreadfully familiar ;)

    these days our “make it work on obscure mobile devices” has turned into “hey devs it doesn’t work on my custom flavor of Linux” !

  • Tiger Hat

    In the stream itself I noticed that @geoffb was using Sublime instead of the default monodevelop. Do you have to do anything special to make that work as the default editor, or will it just magically pick up all the ‘using’ statements etc. - please bear in mind that I am total newbie to C# so this may be a very stupid question (no doubt they would eat me a live on Stack Overflow!). Thx!

  • Tiger Hat

    @cheersphilip I was interested in how @geoffb was using SublimeText too. I really dislike MonoDevelop as an IDE, having used Visual Studio a lot MD feels very sluggish. I haven’t had time to go through all the steps myself but I found this tutorial that might be of use:

    Using Sublime Text as a script editor

  • LDG

    @anthony Thanks for that link! I wasn’t aware that you could configure Unity to jump to the appropriate line from an error/warning by changing the “External Script Editor Args”.

  • Tiger Hat

    @geoffb no problem, really pleased to know it was of some use :)

  • Jammer

    I have to agree in general that streaming while making content vs bug solving or what have you is important. Regardless, showing bits of the game. twitch.tv/frinlet i feel does a good job at this. He does most of his work in the code editor, using his own webgl engine. But he shows the game frequently. So even when having to dive deep in the math, it’s nice to watch.

  • Tiger Hat

    I completely forgot to mention “Cooking with Unity” by Pushy Pixels - he streams Unity development.

    When I was initially looking into Unity I watched a few of his videos. He really knows his stuff and certainly isn’t afraid to make mistakes live. I do prefer books or text that I can read and not have to pause or rewind a lot - that’s not a knock on the dude himself at all, just my slow arse can’t keep up!

    So live streaming and Unity - 2 birds, 1 stone.

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