Anyone entering Ludum Dare?

  • Tiger Hat

    Ludum Dare 32 is in 9 days!

    Anyone planning to enter it? I’m hoping to, I’ve attempted 2 over the last 3 years but they’ve always been around day job deadlines or family events so I’ve never been able to put enough time in.

    It looks clear this year though, fingers crossed and breath held!

    I had planned to use it as an excuse to get stuck into Unity, but I’ll be sticking with JS and HTML - probably Phaser this time instead of my own cough “engine” cough.

  • LDG

    The weekend continues to be the absolute worst time for LDG jams, so doubt we’ll participate. (Man, is Indie Speed Run ever gonna happen again?) I definitely recommend using what you know! Preferably something that you’ve used to ship at least small games with before. There’s so much GAME work to do in 48 hours that you pretty much can’t afford to get lost in tech.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur Thanks! :)

    Not being familiar with the tools and trying to learn on the day or trying to do something too technical has been my downfall in past jams. I’ve been poking around in Phaser for a few months now for “practice” - something I haven’t done in the past.

  • Patron


    This is, like, the perfect weekend for a game jam!!!

    Seriously, no classes on friday nor monday!!!


  • Tiger Hat

    Just under 5 hours to go!

    @Josue any potential themes you like the look of? I voted for “companion”, “day and night”, “it spreads”, “self-destruction” and “you are the power source”. Some of the others like “Edge Of The World” for example just make me think of huge visuals that would be beyond me really.

    What tools are you going to use? I’ll be using Phaser (but also ponderingThreeJS) and either the GIMP or Aseprite.

    I think I might be cursed for LD! Previous years something has always got in the way, and yesterday I tweaked any old back injury (2 slipped discs) so I’m laid up in bed on a heavy dose of prescribed painkillers and sedatives.

    Might make for an interesting jam entry though! :P The theme won’t be announced until 1am mine so it’ll probably be tomorrow morning before I get going.

  • Jammer

    Probably gonna use LibGDX or MelonJS myself. I’m kinda tempted to try SFML, but given i have no C++ experience, it would be a bad idea. Plus i don’t wanna have to worry about multiple platform builds. Not 100% that I’m participating, depends on the theme and inspiration.

  • Tiger Hat

    So the winning theme is “An Unconventional Weapon” and it was the clear favourite. Not particularly enthused about it. But I guess there’s plenty of scope to go for something ridiculous and surreal.

    @agmcleod Good luck if you do decide to have a go!

  • Jammer

    Yep i started last night. Trying to remember how to resolve intersect overlap lol. Melon usually handles that for me, i’ve gone soft :D.

    I’m going for: Ninja with a Teddy Bear. You’re trapped in a room by a little girl who things you stole her teddy bear. She spawns little objects on the tiles that will try and stun you so she can take back the bear. The idea is to attack these quickly enough so it doesn’t happen. I’m hoping to have her come in as a boss fight, but we’ll see how it goes first.

  • Tiger Hat

    @agmcleod that sounds awesome :D

    I’m quite behind myself - hard to work from bed with this back injury. But I’ve gone for “Bob: An Unconventional Weapon”, as the local three-peat bellyflop AND cannonball champion you’re Earth’s last hope to fight off some hydrophobic enemies.

    Bellyflops are like the “shotgun” i.e. lots of spray but short in range, “cannonballs” are longer range but shorter effect area, each comes with a relative recharge time - depth in the water and resulting pain.

    I’m not going to bother try to simulate water, I’m hoping over-the-top particle effects (which I’ve yet to implement) will do the job. It’s all 2D.

  • Jammer

    Sounds like a neat idea. I was way over complicating my collision response logic. Figured it out a couple hours ago. Just working on character art now, so i can have directions of the character, and animation with it.

  • LDG

    good luck you guys! Looking forward to seeing your games :)

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur Thanks!

    I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere near finished, lost nearly all of today due to the strong painkillers, still only at the very early prototype stage of jump meter and dive types

    There’s still some time tomorrow I guess.

  • Jammer

    @anthony ack that’s rough man. Hope you’re in better shape to continue tomorrow for the jam submission. I actually had a crap ton of luck today, and got everything in that i wanted to. I think this is by far the most polished entry I’ve done for the compo.

    Can find it here:

    So with LibGDX i have to say I think i might switch to it over using HTML5 directly. I still get a pretty straightforward process to export a WebGL build, but also do desktop builds that run ontop of LWJGL. So you get that more proper native feel, no dependency on NW.js or Atom-Shell (Electron).

  • Tiger Hat

    @agmcleod well done, looking good :) Anything with (evil) little children is always unsettling - reminds me of the Red Queen from Resident Evil - or maybe the moral of the story is don’t get between a little girl and her bear!

    I won’t lie, I had to search to read up on the tools you used. LibGDX has some great features!

    Another interesting point, as you noted on your game’s LD page, is that Chrome 42+ stops support for plugins. While the other browsers haven’t followed suit it should be a good shot in the arm for WebGL adoption. Taking the rather large Unity user base as an example, why export 1 version to WebGL for Chrome users and Unity Player for others - just go WebGL all the way. Let’s just hope it all regress to “Best View In …” sites again.

  • Tiger Hat

    @agmcleod @anthony good job both you guys!

  • Tiger Hat

    @cheersphilip Thanks :) I’ve thrown in the towel though, maybe next Ludum Dare! At least I have a little power bar / velocity mechanic I can abuse for future prototypes.

  • Jammer

    @cheersphilip Thanks man, it was a lot of fun :)

  • Patron

    So, I was gonnna make a Pokemon-esque RPG with my cousin about a girl and her dog fighting evil cats using bad homophone cat puns as weapons, but…
    Well, we only had this idea on monday, so, we didn’t have enough time to finish it.

    Maybe we can finish it next time she comes hang out at our house.

    Anyways, here’s some stuff she drew:

    Here’s a “cave music” I made in a couple minutes in LMMS (spending all that time fiddling around with it’s FM synth was really worth it, I literally made this song in 5 minutes.)

    And here’s what was going to be a battle theme (I’m actually pretty happy with how this sounds).

  • Tiger Hat

    @Josue excellent battle theme - makes me want to pick up a plank of wood or something and chase after some bad guys :D

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