Lostcast 117: Humble Wizard Stream

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    I’m also very impressed with your monetization of AWL. I’d like to see that graph of spikes and valleys. I think you left out milestone in your episode. My guess is the first real “pay day” from AWL was back when it was called Crypt Run, and you received funding from Kickstarter in mid-2013. Nearly 2 years later AWL is now featured on Humble Weekly. Awesome. Don’t most game sales fizzle after several months?

    Wow, I read that Joel Spolsky article years ago. I bet it is older than some of your AWL players. I think “never” is too strong a word. I’ve rewritten products from scratch using better tech several times. Yes, there is a difficult transition period, but the end-result is often better and easier to maintain in the long run. The most compelling reasons for a rewrite is when the original tech becomes obsolete, you are essentially having to write a brand new one anyway (e.g. to run on Mac), or the original was just not that great.

    Another great episode!

  • LDG

    Thanks Dan! Yeah the Kickstarter was probably the first time we earned nontrivial money with a game that we made cuz we wanted to. It wasn’t until the Steam launch that it became something that actually might be capable of paying for its own development. Most games probably make the bulk of their sales within the launch window, but Steam sales and bundles are making up for that.

    Never say never! Rewriting has a lot of value for many reasons. We’ve all probably written ourselves into corners etc. Plus sometimes it’s just a lot of learning fun ;)

  • Tiger Hat

    I love working from home at the minute, I can listen to podcasts at lunch without being seen as some sort of anti-social weirdo! That and not having to shave regularly… :-P

    I think the business / financial side is an area where a lot of people get caught out as they aren’t expecting to have to make those sorts of decisions or they don’t have the experience because they’re coders, artists, musicians first and foremost. Gamasutra ran an article recently on being realistic about the money side of going “indie”.

    The regular youtube videos are a great idea. No doubt it will probably be a lot of extra work for you guys but it’s cool to see thing sevolve from that small idea / prototype into a game.

    Full disclosure: I am a sucker for special features on DVDs. I love the director’s commentaries / making ofs / production diaries because you get to see the decisions, challenges that were overcome and most important of all the effort that went into the final product. So I’d definitely love to see Lost Decade videos of development!

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    @anthony said:

    I am a sucker for special features on DVDs.

    Oh man…

    +1 that

    P.S: Seriously, as a nine year old, I watched Kung Fu Panda with the director’s commentary at least three times, and that was before I actually knew English.

  • Great Episode, though like Geoff, I was fairly tired while listening. I’m glad to hear you guys have a bunch of new players and was super excited to see you guys on the Weekly Bundle recently. I actually had a coworker mention that he played it and liked it. Other than that, I have nothing constructive to add.

    Keep it up :D

  • LDG

    Thanks you guys :) haha everyone’s so sleep recently…

    Cool that you like commentaries and stuff, ideas are percolating!

  • Jammer

    Finally had a listen, had to deal with some unfortunate family stuff this weekend. Sadness aside, it’s interesting to find that balance between leaning towards the player in terms of credit and such. So so agree. This no doubt gets complicated if you had a AWL co-op mode, but let’s keep scope creep down for now ;).

    You also mentioned matt with timers not getting cleaned up, due to containers/views or top level objects in your scene getting removed. I oddly love working on bugs like that. I think it’s why im a core developer for open source html5. It’s neat to figure those things out, though definitely not time well spent from a business perspective.

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