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    Fact sheet:

    • Is named after a famous 17th century Italian baroque composer (but you already knew that.)
    • New browser
    • Developed by the guys behind Opera
    • Supports WebGL (duh)
    • Supports WebAudioAPI (yay!)
    • Supports GamepadAPI (HECK YEAH!)
    • Has a score roughly 1000 points lower than Chrome on Octane (on my PC, that is).
    • Is roughly 1.48 times slower than Chrome at Sunspider 1.0.2, according to my benchmarks.
    • Apparently uses way less RAM than Chrome.
    • Is a little slower than Chrome at WebGL rendering, according to my Bunnymarks.
    • Has a task manager that looks EXACTLY like Chrome’s. I’m guessing it’s also based on Blink (I mean, why wouldn’t it be?).


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