Lostcast 113: Game Conferences

  • Tiger Hat

    One word justification for talking about the same thing in multiple lostcasts: “recap” :D

    Leapmotion is interesting, when I was at HTML5DevConf they had a booth there and sell a clip for the Oculus so that you can use your hands in VR to pick things up, etc. Pretty rad. The focus wasn’t on game dev, but talks and networking was present about game dev, so I’m surprised you left that one out. (goes to show you’ve completely abandoned HTML5 sniff sniff… jk ) (edit: wrote that before I finished listening…)

    Bat flavored lollipops! Where do I put the kickstarter monies!!

    I’m ready to roll under the LDG banner against Indiecade, where do we rally? Indiecade I guess is guano flavored.

    Agreed, I am no stranger to wallowing in the mud on top of a mountain. (I know right, you’d think that demographic was smaller).

    I think you should be streaming more on Twitch. Just sit there and show us you goofing around with Unity or whatever. At least it gives you streaming practice. There are a bunch of game devs that do it like Catacomb Kids.

  • LDG

    “recap” is good, we’ll use that to justify recurring stories

    while (recap) { convo.repeat(); }

    Been considering streaming Lostcast recordings live, but lately we can’t even crank out a weekly YT video, so not sure if/when that’ll happen. I think it’s a combination of just being too busy and only being in pre-production mode. Once we have enough game to show, we’ll start the marketing machine and hopefully you’ll see more entertainmentz !

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