Are you a Matt or a Geoff?

  • Do you prefer to code in complete silence? Do you prefer Sublime Text or Vim? How far could you go without GPS? :P

  • Tiger Hat

    I am usually most in “the zone” when I am listening to EDM and using Sublime Text

  • I like to code in silence using Sublime Text or Xcode. And without GPS, I’ll always figure out how to get back home.

  • I have no sense of direction. I’ve gotten lost while walking around in a small gated community. I’ve even gotten lost with GPS! Several times! XD

    But I think I’m more of a Geoff. It’s difficult for me to hold a non-technical conversation, and I’m more interested in the underlying architecture rather than the player-facing polish. I’m also starting to code in silence nowadays. :)

  • Patron

    VGM all the way!

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