Ragatron v3.0 with Mac support and new cheat system!

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    Ragatron v3.0

    This is the largest Ragatron update since its initial release. Download the latest from the web site: http://Ragatron.com/

    Ragatron Mac

    Ragatron Mac

    Mac Support!

    Ragatron Mac

    More Cheats

    Some notable additions…

    • Fast Quad Magic Boomerang
    • Arthur’s Lance Spraygun
    • Raga can start with various items

    New XML-based cheat system

    No C++ required! Ragatron scans its run-time directory for *.xml files. If it doesn’t find any, it will load in its internal xml files. Take a look at wizardlizard.xml and lavablade.xml under ragatron/cheats inside the GitHub project for guidance.

    Example hack from the Wizard Lizard XML:

            <category>Core Stats</category>
            <name>Fast Dash Cooldown</name>


    • Ragatron is open source! Follow the project at GitHub.

  • @dannagle Yes! Mac Support! xD

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