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    I found the Pixar stuff to be quite interesting, and while I think it gave a hint of “book club reading” to the show, it also improved upon your credibility. Normally you paraphrase to the point where I wonder if you really understood the topic that you’re talking about or you don the “Tiger Hat of Conjecture + 10” and just make stuff up. So hearing excerpts from the book kept you on topic and more on the rails.

    (not to say that I don’t enjoy your paraphrasing or Tiger Hattery) :D

    im not quite done yet so maybe I’ll have more to say later (my commute is only 45 min long)

  • LDG

    Cool thanks for your thoughts! Books definitely still get respect and feel somehow more legitimate than other mediums. Maybe cuz it’s so easy to put up content on the 'web, but books require more auditing etc. And this book also comes with the prestige of Pixar.

    Honestly I don’t read a ton of books so I don’t know how often we’ll do this but it’s good to know this wasn’t a misfire :)

  • Tiger Hat

    @richtaur said:

    Honestly I don’t read a ton of books so I don’t know how often we’ll do this but it’s good to know this wasn’t a misfire :)

    Well I don’t read many books either, so I do appreciate you doing it and commenting on it so that I don’t have to :) Could be something to challenge yourself with though (or myself), once a quarter read one non-technical book that is about design or creativity or similar topics. Then talk about them in Lostcast (or in my case perhaps here in the forum).

    So, I finished the episode, great stuff guys! :)

    I think that Cars was a good movie, I didn’t find it derivative at all. The plot that feels most to me like it is similar to however is Doc Hollywood (which prolly is another remake). There’s nothing original anymore. I’ll give you that Cars 2 wasn’t that great for me either, tho my kids love pretty much anything to do with it. They did make Mater’s Tall Tales, which is a series of fun shorts. They’ve also made several shorts for Toy Story and their other movies as well. To my knowledge however I don’t think they’ve done straight to dvd.

    If you’ll allow me to don the Tiger Hat of Conjecture for a moment, I think that Dreamworks has. There are at least 4 Shrek movies, and I’m not sure I’ve seen all of them, but I’d guess that part 4 is pretty “bad” in comparison. I enjoy most of their movies however, and they also release shorts. Kung-fu Panda (1 & 2) is a great movie, and (using full tiger strength) I’d wager they’re based on some old Chinese mythology.

    I do also think that animated films such as these are really becoming very common place, at least the technical aspects of creating them is “easy” these days. So just like normal film, what really separates them is now going to be that creativity of story and characters.

    I don’t know if I have a point :) These movies are great, and having kids, pretty much any animated film with a similar rating is a god send. Having them be a good watch is even better, because I’ll have to watch them 1000 times if I want to or not.

  • Patron

    Great episode, guys! I just wanted to drop in to say thank you for giving Ragatron a shout-out!

  • LDG

    There were some thoughts I had on Pixar and the increasing accessibility of digital movies, but it got lost in a tangent someplace. Maybe next time! Also I am reading a new book, already about 1/3 done, so maybe TIGER HAT BOOK CLUB

  • LDG

    Also thanks for the kind words :) Love seeing threads like this, very motivating!

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